A letter that Jose recently sent to one of the news networks

I was watching your news reporter interviewing a Lebanon born man who is
now in the U.S., and it struck me as odd that the obvious point of the
interview was to put a face to the poor Lebanese civilians that are being
killed by Israel.

Excuse me, how many poor civilians in Israel were killed or are in danger
from the 800+ missiles coming from Lebanon?

The real story is about a country surrounded by freaking lunatics trying
like hell to defend themselves from maniacs that want to kill them, their
wives and children included, and wipe them off the face of the map. The
real story is most of the world has sat by and let the maniacs take over
small countries like Lebanon. Where was Russia, China, and the French when
the maniacs and lunatics build up their military and cache of weapons.

Now, most of the country is sitting by and they have no idea what to do
with North Korean…excuse me…Terrorist states build more terrorist
states, that is there goal. Until we, the entire world takes terrorism
seriously. I once heard an idiot here in America ask ‘who are we to decide
who gets nuclear missiles?’. This is the stupidity that is causing the
problem. The world must unite to eliminate terrorism or we are all a
target of them.


2 responses to “A letter that Jose recently sent to one of the news networks

  1. You tell it like it is Jose!

  2. Woohoo Mr. Goldbloom, give’em hell!

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