It’s time for me to fly…almost

Well this is going to be the last post until I get back from Dragons. This post was inspired by her recent REO posts, ah the memories. So anyways feel free to make yourselves at home and discuss whatever comes to mind (behave Fester), just don’t burn the carpet! Peace out.


7 responses to “It’s time for me to fly…almost

  1. You know, you could post from there too…

  2. Actually that might be possible, but I have a feeling that Dragon will be keeping me busy. Maybe I could slip some nyquil into her coffee and post while she’s sleeping!

  3. dragonlady474

    AWESOME video! Sing it Kevin!

    And you bet your ass I’ll be keeping you busy, what with pruning, digging ponds and feeding the donkeys.

  4. have fun on your vay-cay, MrsJG.

  5. Oh I will Tony, there is never a dull moment when Dragon is around. LOL

  6. This is a good thing, no?

  7. Hmpf. I am the poster boy for proper behavior.

    But I expect to hear about disturbances in the South over the weekend.

    To the East of Texas.

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