I Survived the Dragon’s Den!

Well I’m back from Alabama :::sniff sniff::: and I miss Dragon already. Man I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much in my life. Dragon made me laugh so hard at one point that I developed a headache and indigestion. While in Bamy I even met a celebrity (well sorta), Bobby John from “Survivor” works at the University of Troy so while I was there we went to the office and met him. He was a very nice kid and Dragon tried talking him into letting us interview him for one of our broadcast (on dragon’s site). Unfortunately he was leaving before we did our recording session…maybe that was an excuse because he thought we were insane!

 Mr. Dragon survived the gathering without a scratch, and I think his insanity was still in tact when they left me at the airport. I was scared to go home because I expected to find a disaster in my house. I was pleasantly surprised however, Jose had actually done a good job with everything and he even had the laundry done. My sons didn’t act overly excited to have me home, but my daughter ran up and hugged  me. Then she immediately went through my bags and was trying to confiscate things that the dragon had given me. Jose just acted nonchalant about me being home…humph! I think my dog Hollywood was more excited to see me than anyone else was. He probably didn’t get all his snacks and table scraps while I was gone. Maybe next time I should go away for a longer period of time!


5 responses to “I Survived the Dragon’s Den!

  1. Goldbloom! I miss you too! We need to do it again, and this time we’ll get “tore up”. lol Which was our theme but never really happened. I’ve been doing some research on the whole pku/alabama thing and it turns out that as far as I can find state agencies ARE required to provide the formula.

  2. btw, Hunter misses you too!

  3. MrsJG! I missed you! Glad you had fun at Drags. I’m sure your family missed you like crazy, but…were just trying to fake you out a little. It’s a fun game we family types play. Those Jewtinos wouldn’t know what to do without you.

    “Tore up?” Dragon? You ARE a bad influence.

  4. Me a bad influence?? heh Not me, it was Goldbloom’s idea.

  5. Tony I’m glad somebody has noticed that dragon is the onery one. She has gotten me into trouble my whole life. I think you’re right my family did miss me…I wasn’t here to cater to their every need. Hmmph! I swear they are a spoiled bunch, but I guess maybe that’s my fault. 🙂

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