The Top 10 Things I learned while visiting Dragon

1. The first and most important thing I learned was that Delta sucks!

2. Never eat thaiphoon shrimp when constipated!!

3. If Hunter is charging you…get the hell out of the way.

4. Never let dragon pour her own drinks. (the milk shake)

5. Mr. Dragon is devious, and has mad recording skillz.

6. There are creatures from the fifth circle of hell on dragon’s patio.

7. Dragon doesn’t know squat about lighting a tikki torch. 😛

8. A bunn coffee maker rocks.

9. Berry beer sucks!

10. Bobby Jon Drinkard (of Survivor) looks better in person.



16 responses to “The Top 10 Things I learned while visiting Dragon

  1. ROFL…I can still hear you screaming, “You screwed my Bobby John, I put money on you!”

  2. ugh…shouldn’t that be “me”?

  3. ROFL…yeah it should be! hahahaha

    Btw, I’m surprised you didn’t find a picture with the blurry parts lolol.

  4. ROFLOL! Blurry spots are evil!

  5. Do you want to talk about your tikki skillz?

  6. The tikkis were defective! Satan himself couldn’t light those friggin’ things with a flame thrower.

  7. If yer gonna post skin, it needs to be worth looking at.

  8. With or without the blurry spots? lol

  9. A different set of “gear.”

  10. You have to use what you’ve got lol.

  11. Maybe, but I ain’t using what he’s got.

  12. I’ll use my own, thanks. I’m used to it.

  13. Ok dont know what you are talking about but mother jon is not as hott as nohnny depp you know that lol

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