…From Dragon and Goldbloom!



  1. She can’t be as old as us – she still has birthdays.

  2. My horns are off center, you amateur!

  3. They look right to me.

  4. Thank you Fester…personally I like the ears!

  5. MRS JGB, and DL–thank you so much—you guys seriously ARE the best. Despite what Fester thinks of you.

    And Fester…I’m about to quit having bdays…I just turned 38 (damn!) yesterday. Woe is I.

  6. 38? A child!

  7. 38 is not bad at all!

  8. It doesn’t sound like it, but I am having a problem with it since I was 16, then turned around and all of a sudden I was 38. That’s how it works, doesn’t it? SUCKS.

  9. I know exactly how you feel Michelle…when I hit forty I wanted to declare it a national crisis.

  10. You SO don’t look it from your pics, MRS JGB. And neither does DL! If I could like either one of you, I’d be doing ok!

    Maybe it’s the blonde hair? Or maybe I’m just vain?

  11. Thanks Michelle…I’ve had to fight the vanity monster my whole life, and though it has lessened some as I’ve gotten older it’s definitly still there. Don’t you just hate people who jump out of bed looking like they came off the cover of a magazine? (See it’s still here)

  12. Yeah, well for my bday next year, I would like to put in a request for a makeup tech and hairstylist…then I could look like that too when I get up in the morning!

  13. Heck, I’d settle for looking my age.

  14. I’m trying to remember when I was 38 but I keep getting an “INVALID FILE TYPE – PLEASE TRY A MORE RECENT FORMAT” error when I try to load the memories.

  15. Sad fester maybe you should try to find some pictures of you when you were 38… I FEEL SPECIAL IM ONLY 15 WOOT!!!(yes im bragging)lol

  16. 15!

    A babe in arms!

  17. hahahahah, thats a pretty cool picture.

    visit me please


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