Fly the friendly skies? Part 2

I was waiting at the gate ready to board when it started storming. Thankfully it only lasted like 5 minutes then quit…FINALLY  maybe things were looking up.  Then someone tapped me on the shoulder to ask about her seat number.


Could you tell me where my seat number is?


:::hey is she flipping me off::: It should be on your ticket.


Could you please to show me?


:::Oh sweet Lord please don’t let her have a  belt under that Burkha, and put that finger down::: Sure it’s right here.


Thank you!


:::Don’t thank me, just spare me::: You’re welcome.

I had a feeling this was going to be a long flight. I felt guilty for profiling, but damn it after all that’s happened I couldn’t help myself. Then my paranoia escalated when I noticed two middle eastern men traveling together on my flight. :::Think happy thoughts:::



I never wanted a cigarette or a drink more in my life! Jeez get a grip Goldbloom, what are the odds that you’d be on a plane with a terrorist! :::with my luck, pretty damned good::: It was about this time that my plane started boarding and I began to wonder if it was too late to catch Mr. & Mrs. Dragon.

 I begrudgingly boarded the plane and was making my way to my seat when it dawned on me that maybe one of those men would be sitting next to me….AAHHHH! But luckily they were sitting way up front and I was way in the back, if I was going to be blown up I didn’t want to see it coming.

:::okay now just stop thinking that way, you’re being totally irrational:::

I started wondering just who my seatmate would be, hopefully someone friendly and unweird. I caught myself getting real nervous about my seatmate and was scrutinizing everyone heading back.

 :::no no not him…oh thank gawd he sat somewhere else… No please not…oh good she’s not the one:::

The aisle thinned out and there was only a few people left, AND I KNEW which one was going to be my seat mate before they even got back to me. How you ask…because it’s just my luck!


To be continued…


4 responses to “Fly the friendly skies? Part 2

  1. You so crack me up GoldBloom. Can’t wait for more of “the saga.”

  2. Thanks Tony…I aim to please, but unfortunately my aim sucks!

  3. She speaks the truth lol.
    It’s a good thing I wasn’t with you. If the lady had asked me where her seat was I’d have pointed out on the wing.

  4. I could have told her that she needed to go back to the terminal to check. 🙂

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