Wednesday’s Senryu

My house is quiet.

Look, there’s no kids to be found.

Clock…Could you slow down?


8 responses to “Wednesday’s Senryu

  1. Man I have some mad poetic skillz huh? Hello…..Anybody there? Anyone! Okay I admit it, I suck!

  2. Our guys are back at OU. We’re waiting for the possible bitches and moans tomorrow when they have to move into their apartments. And need their money. In the meantime, Mr. Froth and I are just hovering. On a Wednesday.

  3. I start school next week…aghhhhh! I thought it was the week after for some reason.

  4. Just like Rory did on Gilmore Girls. That sucks to think you had more time than you did…but good luck. Sounds like this semester will be interesting with the classes you’ve chosen.

  5. “…no kids to be found”

    You must tell me how to do that!

  6. Well actually they started school this week…Yipee!

  7. Wow—they start them earlier and earlier it seems.

  8. I know…Thank Gawd! j/k

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