Terrorist Negotiations?



Haven’t I seen you somewhere?

Me Lil Kim….Me love you long time!

LiL Kim the rapper? Hey you’re pretty hot in person. Could you please cover yourself though, I’m getting a little hot myself… hehe

Me no wapper…Me LiL kim. I have rots of bombs, & big awmy dat mawch weal pwetty.

Oh Yes now I recognize you. You’re the guy who’s bombs were defective.

My bomb no defective…I mean fo dem to do dat. It was only test. At lease I have bomb you ****ing wag head. You no have bomb….hahaha….no bomb!

I kill you now!

17 responses to “Terrorist Negotiations?

  1. Okay I was bored and that can be dangerous, because it results in posts like this one. 🙂

  2. Yep, she’s gone.

  3. hahahaha An active imagination does have its benefits during boredom.

  4. Where the **** are my benefits…I can’t find them anywhere….uuuhhh!

  5. “I have rots of bombs, & big awmy dat mawch weal pwetty.”

    You crack me up.

  6. Quit cracking me up over here, MRS JGB! Yep, you’ve definitely lost it…just like the rest of us. LOL.

    P.S. LOVE the Lil Kim reference 🙂

  7. I don’t know what’s gotten into me today…I’m feeling onery. What really sucks is that there’s nobody here to mess with, so I guess you guys will have to suffer through my goofy mood. LOL

  8. You can always mess with DL–I give you full permission..LOL.

  9. Thanks Michelle…where to start?

  10. Michelle!

  11. Let’s start with the GI Joe Giant Coloring Book, shall we?

  12. jeebus

  13. Pingback: blah blah blog »

  14. Goldbloom, I just want you to know that I come to this post about once a week to laugh my friggin’ ass off. I’ve sent this link to all of my friends and family, and I’m pretty sure that’s why you have 130 people coming to your site every day. It’s all because of me!

    The other night while watching Foxnews, I saw the North Korean armies marching and I started cracking up. Mary asked what the hell I was laughing at and I said, come here…clicked on this link…which is in my favorites and we both had a great laugh.

    Truly, you crack my ass up.

    “I have rots of bombs, & big awmy dat mawch weal pwetty.” I giggle after I say it every time.

  15. If you think her stories are funny, you should see her smoke cigarettes, or bowling. heh

  16. “I’m sooo ronery…”
    Tony, you were right. Pretty good laugh at 6:30 am.

  17. Did you peg that convo or what, MRS JGB? You’re a regular prophet! That is probably what will happen. Either that or they will get together and kill us all.

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