GI Joe…The dragon & Goldbloom way!

I was going to change the logo to read “GI Jose” for my own personal amusement, but I’m just too tired to mess with it today.  

Okay Michelle you wanted the GI Joe story, and Dragon has given you her version. Well buckle up because you’re about to get the Goldbloom version. hehehe!

As Dragon stated in her story it all started when we found ourselves living back at our parents house. Mom had gotten rid of all our toys (WTF) so we had to entertain ourselves somehow. Fortunately for us it didn’t take much to amuse our intoxicated selves. Anyways following is an example of what we did to an unsuspecting “GI Joe” coloring book we stumbled (literally) upon one night.

I have a BIG gun & I like to show it to everyone! Damn my eyebrows are bushy.

GI Joe: Hey lady have YOU seen my BIG gun?

GI GOLDBLOOM: Shut up sissy boy my guns bigger than yours.

:::crying::: That mean, mean woman she took my BIG gun & my clothes, & my foot. WAH!

Side Note: the above pic was what all of Dragons dolls looked like when we were kids. They were always naked & missing body parts. Pretty damned scary!

Good Lord man get a hold of yourself, and get some damned clothes on. You’re a GI Joe

Have you seen my BIG gun, it’s about this big.

I’ll help you find your gun sugar pants.

Hey before I get dressed did you notice how manly my chest is?

GI Joe: Excuse me have you seen my BIG gun anywhere? Some b*tch kicked my @ss and took it from me. Although I found her extremely hot I have the desire to rip her foot off and smack her with my BIG gun.

Oh Please sweet Lord let me find my BIG gun…I feel naked without it…and please let my hair be blond again…and could you do something about my bushy eyebrows…and what’s up with the new Barbie?

Anyway this is just an example (a mild one) of what Dragon & I did to the coloring book whilst in a drunken stupor. Hey I wonder if the boys have a GI Joe coloring book around here!?






21 responses to “GI Joe…The dragon & Goldbloom way!

  1. That’s just scary. lol

  2. And you forgot about the kung fu grip!

  3. You wouldn’t believe how many funny pics there are of GI Joe….Oh the possibilities!

  4. I usta have a G.I. Joe with a kung fu grip.

  5. Don’t go there Tony…Don’t encourage Dragon. LOLOL!

  6. heh

  7. bwahahaha!

    Now I’m seeing Dragon as Sid from Toy Story!

    I never had a Ken doll so I would steal GI Joes and pull their hands out and stick Barbie’s hands into the holes to make them dance. My brothers used to get SO pissed! “GI JOE DOESN’T DANCE!”

  8. Guess that’s not clear… I would steal [my brothers’] Gi Joes…

  9. OMG—that’s hilarious! LOVE the pictures, especially the Indiana Jones version of GI Joe above…very hot! LOL.

  10. I wouldn’t do that! I’d just bite the feet off of all of them. lol Hey! They can’t run without feet,not can they?

  11. HAHAHA Well, I’ll admit MrsJ, I do love a good story with pictures.

  12. uhhh…that should read, “now can they?”
    Btw, I wrote about one of our adventures Goldbloom. lol

  13. Freddie…Dragon WAS kind of like sid. I bet all the toys I thought were lost had actually ran away. I remember I used to get sooo mad when I’d go to get a barbie out and it’s feet were chewed off.

  14. You mean crawled away? lolol

  15. Ok mother Aunt do I need to put you in the corner

  16. Wonderful work! When just a pup, The Hairy Beast had a favorite G.I. Joe: the kind with lifelike hair and beard. He shaved the chin clean to make a HUGE set of hockey-stick sideburns.

    Great photo series – You have inspired The Hairy Beast to try one himself.

  17. oh no lolol , I can imagine!

  18. I love inspiring people….Or maybe I better wait and see what I’ve inspired before I make that remark. LOL

  19. You’ve inspired me many times. lolol

  20. Emokat….wth! where are you?

  21. I was at the library du dudu. The library has computers that you can get online with so yea.

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