The Results of my Horror Flick Survey.

First off my 5 favorite horror films are:

Dawn of the Dead
The shining
13 ghost (new)

The results listed by votes received are as follows:

Halloween                                       III
Dawn of the dead                             II
The shining                                       II
The Exorcist                                      II
Rosemary’s Baby                              II

The remaining movies received 1 vote each:

Night of the living dead                      
Creature from the Black Lagoon        
House on haunted hill (old)              
13 Ghost (old)                                   
The Uninvited (old)                            
Lady in white                                      
The sixth Sense                                  
Altered States                                   
Dark Secret of Harvest home             
Something wicked this way comes     
The Call of Cthulhu                             
Amityville Horror                                
Sammy Terri’s nightmare Theater          
The blob (old)                                   
The fly (old)                                       
American werewolf in london            
The crow                                            
Shaun of the dead                               
The birdcage
The Evil Dead                                     
The Fly                                                
The Ring                                             
Final destination                                 
13 Ghost (new)                                  


21 responses to “The Results of my Horror Flick Survey.

  1. So for the top ones we have…

    Halloween by John Carpenter
    Dawn of the Dead by George Romero
    The Shining by Stephen King
    The Exorcist by William Blatty
    Rosemary’s Baby by Roman Polanski

    Nice assortment of horror writers/directors

  2. I see no posting about the GI Joe Giant Coloring Book yet….did it fall through the cracks or something? LOL.

  3. Yes Michelle…I believe it fell through the Proverbial crack!

    Dragon…I thought the top five were good examples of great horror flicks.

  4. And that’s where it will probably stay…in the Crack. LOL.

  5. OKAY, I wrote about the coloring book! heh

  6. You are my hero, DL. Thank you! It was pretty good too…imagine you and MRS JGB getting crazy after a couple of drinks…that is hard to believe. LOL.

  7. 🙂
    Amazing but true lol. We got “tore up” .

  8. I’ll bet!

  9. No scooby doo movies listed? Am I the only one who finds them frightening? Oh, except the cartoon one with the three stooges.

  10. Hey DL, did you ever go see that horror movie a few months ago…An American Haunting? Did anyone see that? Wonder if it was any good or not?

  11. Michelle….I’m glad you mentioned that , because I forgot all about it. Maybe Jose will take me to see it for our anniversary next weekend. We will be married 19 years on Aug 22. JEEZ!

  12. No I haven’t, nor have I seen Pulse OR descent because the friggin’ rinky dink ass theatre here didn’t show them. ohhhh…I feel a rant coming on

  13. The Hairy Beast suggests “The Thing”, both old and new(er) versions.

  14. Congratulations, MRS JGB! Happy Early Anniversary to you and Jose. If you lived in Hollywood, that would be practically unheard of! LOL.

    Dragon, both of those are supposed to be kind of scary, especially Descent. And I’m such a scaredy cat, I probably won’t go see them, I will just live vicariously through you and MRS JGB, and see what you thought of them, heh heh.

  15. The Bat just saw a movie trailer for the Grudge 2. It looked pretty good. IF they actually run it here I’m so there. On the others I’ll either have to drive to Montgomery or wait until it comes out on dvd, then I can review them.

  16. Michelle, are you trying to tell me that you have a character named after you in the Zombie Chronicles and you’ve never seen a zombie movie??? lol

  17. Oh, I have seen Night of the Living Dead. And the second one a long time ago. I just am a scaredy cat. It’s like I like to be scared and I hate being that scared at the same time. I’m a complicated woman. LOL.

    AND I DID see the Grudge. Not sure about going to see The Grudge 2.

  18. 🙂 Okay then, that’s good. Scary movies aren’t so bad if you watch them with other people. Just ask Goldbloom about us going to watch the remake of Dawn of the Dead.

  19. I can’t believe that nobody noticed or commented on the movie “the birdcage” being stuck in the middle of my list. LOLOL I thought for sure that was going to make for some interesting comments.

  20. You wish lol yea that would be a subject starter

  21. Oh man I forgot about the movie “Fallen” with Denzel Washington. I loved that movie!

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