Blog Stats for the Past Week

Search Terms for the last 7 days. They’re kind of boring this week…Well I guess the “strip search” one was kind of amusing!


copy hollowman2
hollowman2, copy


Getting rid of Ants in an RV
Boat building for dummies
in-shower moisturizer
he white padded cell


padded cell


words of inspiration for men
blog drain cleaning
bad neighbor blog


cell trivia
hot topic pants
ken Lay and skillman
chuck norris blog images


retrieve a tub drain plunger
strip search
clogged drain, long hair


strip search

17 responses to “Blog Stats for the Past Week

  1. The Hairy Beast got over 1000 hits today on the search terms “Beast” “Maine Beast” and “Mutant Beast”. He has capitalized on that.

    For some odd reason about half of those hits came from scandinavian countries…

  2. Whoa beast that’s excellent. Those Scandinavians must love their beasts.

  3. 1,542 views today and it is day 8 since he started blogging. Is that good? The Beast has not much experience with this stuff. But for example, since the new GMT day began and reset him to zero 25 minutes ago, he has had 30 more views. Is that about average for day 9? How many do you get, may I ask?

  4. Beast as far as I know that is way above average. My average daily hits are around 100-150. On my heavy traffic days I get 200-275. The weekends are a different story…Sat & Sun are usually under 100. Dragon gets more hits than I do, but she’s not getting the kind of hits your talking about, at least I don’t think so. Keep doing what you’re doing man.

  5. Kewl. The Beast put a little site meter widget in his sidebar, anybody can click on it and see all his viewer stats, in case you suspect he is being less than candid. When the “Maine Mutant” fever calms down, the hits probably will too.

  6. Maybe we could fake beast attacks all over the country to keep your hits up. I can’t think of anything to get the hits for MrsJoseGoldbloom up…go figure!

  7. That is because the readers dont know what they are missing!

  8. Why thank you beast…that’s me a “diamond in the roughage”.

  9. I get only slightly more than Goldbloom usually, about 150-200. But lately it’s been about 200-300, probably all the weird things I write about and people find me on a search. This month I’ve had a couple of 400 hit days and several 300+. My readership is slowly increasing, which I credit to wordpress for being a good blog service.

  10. you both should give yourselves some credit for being good writers and entertaining Blogstresses, too.

  11. spank you hairy beast

  12. ummm…roflmao…that didn’t look right!! Thank you Beast

  13. btw Goldbloom, what a rude awakening it must have been for the man looking for inspiration to have landed on your site. lolol

  14. I thought the same thing. 😛

  15. I’m liking my search terms from today. It’s all about coffee and denis leary for some reason lol.

  16. I LOVE boat building for dummies and retreive a drain tub plunger…WTF????

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