What to Wear on my Anniversary?

My 19Th wedding anniversary is coming up, actually it’s on August 22ND, and if you’ve been keeping up with the news then you’re well aware of all the talk about what Iran may or may not do on August 22ND. My dilemma is this…What the hell should I wear? Do I dress for dinner or the end of the world? What does one wear for an “End of the world” event? I’ve been researching the August 22ND thingy and the more I research the madder I get. Jose keeps telling me I should step away from the computer because I’m just getting myself all worked up and there’s not a thing I can do about it. Well that’s where he’s wrong, because I CAN Bitch about it! As a matter of fact I can bitch like there’s no tomorrow. I wonder “will there be a tomorrow?”…Oh well I guess time will tell! Now back to my dilemma, will it be camouflage or the little black dress?

I just have one thing left to say…”Ahmadinejad if you ruin my Anniversary, may all your virgins be hairy & toothless!”.


21 responses to “What to Wear on my Anniversary?

  1. I hope he gets 72 mouldy raisins.

  2. and lots of pocket lint

  3. Let’s see, what to wear on your anniversary….

    Do you want the male perspective?

    Ooops, sorry, this is a family blog.

  4. Fester…Jose has already run the male suggestion by me, but I took a vote and it lost.

  5. I know what you should wear a camouflage dress you know it is basicly a black dress but camouflaged ^^ smart aint I ^^

  6. Tell Jose he needs to be more assertive!

  7. Good luck with that Jose! lol

  8. So, Jose isn’t gonna get lucky on his anniversary, eh?

    Y’all must be married.

  9. Fester Jose is always lucky…He’s married to me!

  10. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! So how many LONG years has it been??

  11. 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I mean 19.

  12. hehehe

  13. Well?!?

    Did Jose shoot?

    Did Jose score?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  14. Nope, Jose didn’t get lucky.

  15. So, what DID you wear? Please tell us you wore clothing (PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE).. lol.

  16. Well I’m not at liberty to say. 🙂

  17. Good enough for me! LOL.

  18. congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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