An update on everyone.

Well the end of the world didn’t happen yesterday, and thank goodness because I never finished my “fly the friendly skies” story. I will try and get that done today…I promise. So let’s see what everyone is up to.

Dragon’s muffins are soggy & she discusses Halloween dos & don’ts.

Michelle has been sick, but she is back amongst us now.

Fester shares some things he’s learned from t-shirts.

Freddie is cleaning out her mailbox.

Tony takes a trip down memory lane.

Dazd is frustrated about homework…this is also one of my pet peeves.

Hoosierboy discusses food and family.

JT & some “End of the World” discussion.

The Froth is Frothing at the mouth for a new kitchen counter top.

The hairybeast discusses his fifteen minutes of fame? LOL…If you haven’t read this yet, it is a must!

Steve H. goes fishing & helps a friend with a dead midget?

Over at wuzzadem Tony Bennett sounds off.

Well that about sums up what everyone is up to…Now go play & make nice! AHHH watch it there Fester, single file line please. Tony stop cutting! Michelle keep your hands to yourself please. Freddie could you help froth with her sneakers? Dragon put hoosierboy down! JT? JT…where did he go? Hairybeast what did you do with JT? Dazd don’t forget your homework!  


12 responses to “An update on everyone.

  1. Ok…whose dog at my homework?

  2. Froth says she’s not gonna wear those sneakers. She wants to wear somethin’ PRETTY!

  3. Keep my hands to myself??? Huh.

  4. Freddie…tell her they’re DESIGNER sneakers.

    Michelle…remember I have eyes in the back of my head.

  5. Ok, then…what am I doing RIGHT NOW?

  6. Pbbbbttttthhhhhhtthhthhhhbhhh!

    Get out of my way and you won’t get run over.

  7. Michelle…I would have never thought that of you!

    Fester…You can run, but you can’t hide!

  8. “Ok, then…what am I doing RIGHT NOW?”


  9. The Hairy Beast took his 10 year old daughter fishing today. Caught a lot of white perch.

  10. AND did I tell you I’m SECRETLY a mutant octupus with multiple hands? Heh.

  11. “a mutant octopus with multiple hands?”


    Explains a lot.

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