Where the }#?? Have I been?…

…Well I’ll tell you if you just calm down a little bit. Okay…now see there isn’t that better?

Well to start with my stupid digital service was down almost all day yesterday. Technology & I have such a love – hate relationship. Then today I’ve been sooo busy with housework and laundry….I know, I know how exciting my life is. Tonight will be much better though, because Jose and I are going to “Applebees” for dinner. Yippee!

I still haven’t written the final episode of “Fly the Friendly Skies” because I’ve been…Um…busy…Um…okay I’m a slacker! Are you happy now? So Sue me…wait…don’t do that, I have enough bills already. To make atonement I am listing my current search terms, they are a little more exciting than last weeks. Although, there are a few disturbing ones. Some of you people out there are just sick! :::coughFester:::

So now for your entertainment pleasure I give you “the search terms”:

ever kick nuts in fight

lil kim in burkha

My Weekend Clothes 
Banging My Teenage Daughter Part 1  (whoever searched for this is a sick ~^`:#$)
my way GI Joe 
what a padded cell is made of

rabbit Hosenpheffer 
how to clean a BUNN 
johnnycash mastercard


what he means when he says “i need a break”

I think my favorite one is “my way GI Joe”. WTH?


11 responses to “Where the }#?? Have I been?…

  1. I LOVE Rabbit Hossenpheffer. Sorry your service has been down. Doesn’t that make you so mad when you’re denied access to the Internet? That’s how dependent we’ve become on it.

    Have fun at Applebee’s tonight with Jose. Or Hose B for that matter. I know, bad joke 🙂

  2. Have a good time wench (GET THE BISON BURGER!!)


  4. Michelle…Yes it infurriates me to be denied access to all that I hold dear (the internet). Sad isn’t it? What makes me even madder is their attitudes when you ask them if they’re going to credit your bill for the time you were down. One guy actually told Jose he’d credit our account $1. Jose told him to keep it that they obviously needed it more than we did. LOL

  5. I felt totally naked when my blog was down for 3 days. Unfortunatley, since I am moving my website to a new server (because of my down website for 3 days), I am probably going to be down for another three days. So, I’ll be naked again!

  6. I know. Aren’t they just so ridiculous? Yep, customer service is GONE. Word.

  7. It doesn’t matter that you’re naked Tony, we’ve all been reading your blog with x-ray glasses on anways.

  8. Judging from the comments above, it appears I’m the only normal person here.

  9. abbynormal? lol

  10. yummmm Bison Burgers. Did ya get the Bison Burger MrsJ?

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