I decided to have some fun…

…With this thingy I found at Dragon & Freddie’s. I laughed myself into one heck of a coughing fit when I saw Florence Henderson…ROFLOL!

 David Hasselhoff?!? LOLOL 

Not David Hasselhoff again!

I was glad that David Hasselhoff didn’t show up on mine, but Sebastien Loeb? Of course the pic I used was a cartooned image of one of my pics. I’ll have to try and get a photo of me uploaded and see what the results are…maybe David Hasselhoff?


7 responses to “I decided to have some fun…

  1. Cool! So glad to see you back! Hope you’re all better soon.

  2. How come there is only one black guy on Mr. T’s? Something ain’t right about that…

  3. I know JT I thought the same thing…I mean it’s not like he’s Michael Jackson!

  4. lolol you’re a nut

  5. But you know Florence IS the devil. And so is Hasselhoff for that matter—LOL! Funny, but Dubbya’s pic didn’t show up on the President of Iran’s or Kim Jong’s….but damn, Felicity Huffman’s did!

    P.S. You look about as much like Sebastian Loeb as Dave Chapelle! LOL. Although I see some resemblances to the Sophia Loren pic and Gloria Estefen.

  6. I’m just glad pee wee herman didn’t show up…LOL

  7. You know, back to the Mr. T results…Leonardo DiCaprio???? Something is wrong with their meter!!!

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