Okay I found a pic!

Here are the results when I use a real pic instead of the cartoon pic I used in the post below. I found this pic on Dragon’s site…thanks drago!


15 responses to “Okay I found a pic!

  1. I am so going to try this! I don’t get how Felicity Huffman resembles the toothed one in the second pic…. Well, maybe a little in the smile.. hmm

  2. You got a lot of exotic looking people! Cool.

  3. cool! im off to try it… im just afraid im gonna get the iranian president too

  4. my first look-alike was rachel stevens… anybody knows her?

  5. Well Michelle a few of the results wouldn’t fit on the collage and one of those happened to be J. Wilkes Booth….LOL And on another one of my pics I got Vin Diesel LOLOL!

  6. Yucca…yes I know Rachel Stevens. You should post your results on your site, did you get any goofy ones?

  7. See, those things aren’t entirely accurate! LOL. Look at DL’s—Harry Potter? I laughed and laughed b/c I couldn’t believe they came up with that for her. And by no means do you look like Vin Diesel. Or J. Wilkes Booth. Try again, My Heritage.

  8. Well maybe if I shaved my head I’d look like Vin!

    I also laughed at the Harry Potter one…I bet dragon about fell out of her chair.

  9. Yep, she closely resembles a 15-year old British boy. Damn straight! NOT.

    And no, sorry but you still wouldn’t look like Vin if you shaved your head. So don’t even try.

  10. Natalie Portman – Hubba Hubba!

  11. When I saw the Harry Potter one is was like….HAHAHAHA! ::slaps desk::: WOOO! HAHAHAHA!! ::spins around in chair:::
    You don’t even want to know what I did when I saw that James Spader (didn’t make it on the collage)was one of them. lol

  12. The Haiy Beast only recognizes two of those celeb names. Three if you count the REAL star in the center…

  13. Hairybeast are you trying to suck up? 🙂

  14. is it me, or is myheritage.com having some issues with it’s newfound popularity?

  15. No Tony it’s not you. Myheritage is definitely having troubles.

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