From Freaky Friday to Freaking Friday!

Well where to $#^&ing start….I wrote this post once already, but for some $&%*ing reason when wordpress published it the whole got-#*^*ed post disappeared and only the title showed up….GGGRRRR! I don’t need this, I’m still recovering from the flu, I’m tired, and my stomach is queasy. So for sanity sake I’m not going to write out the long version which just got $^%*ing erased, but a shorter more streamlined version. So buckle up people I’m taking off.

11:45pm on thursday night – Just getting to bed, man I’m gonna be tired tomorrow.

12:00am Friday morning – My husband’s cell phone rings, he’s on call. Great!

12:45am – Husband comes back to bed and wakes me up just as I’m getting to sleep.

12:57am – The friggin “Lickapalooza starts” My friggin dog wont stop licking himself and it’s driving me insane. I kept hearing “Lick, lick, snort, lick, chew, chew, chew, lick, meow, cock-a-doodle-doo”, I said in a calm and restrained voice “HOLLYWOOD IF YOU DON’T STOP THE $#&*ING LICKAPALOOZA I’M GOING TO HAVE YOU CASTRATED!”. Then I heard him slowly slink to our bathroom….Thank Gawd!

6:00am – My alarm goes off….I didn’t say any obscenities, but I thought them as I hit the snooze button.

6:10am – Alarm goes off and I hit the snooze button harder. I continued this process until about 6:27am when I finally drug my weary butt out of bed.

6:35am – I then went downstairs and turned on the coffee maker, and went to the back yard to smoke. While out there I discovered the gift which the neighbors cat had left for me. A dead baby rabbit was laying right outside my back door. EEEWWW!

7:00am – I went upstairs to wake the boys and as I was helping my youngest out of bed I noticed that he was soaked. He said “Mommy I forgot to go to the bathroom before bed”…Why me God?…am I evil?…am I being tested?…you’re punishing me aren’t you?

7:00 – 7:15 – I Cleaned up my son & stripped the bed, thank Gawd my nose was stopped up…oh and for Febreeze also!

7:15am – While making my kids breakfast I wondered (I hope not aloud) whether a nuthouse would be so bad! Then I opened the fridge and saw spaghetti sauce spilled everywhere.

I must end my story here, because you get the general idea of how this Got-#*&^ed Friday has gone for me thus far. Besides if I went on there would be way too much #%*&ing symbolism needed.

May your Friday run much smoother than mine.


22 responses to “From Freaky Friday to Freaking Friday!

  1. It could’ve been worse MrsJ…spaghetti sauce in the bed and a “wet” fridge.

    Ummm…I wish you a relaxing weekend and hope you feel better real soon!

    **runs for cover**

  2. Dazd I’ve learned to avoid saying things like “it couldn’t get any worse” because from experience I know it can…LOL

    You have a good weekend too….Oh …and you can come out now!

  3. Goldbloom, do you need another vacation? 🙂

  4. It could be worse. It could be raining.

  5. I’m listening to some Aerosmith right now to help calm me….Sweet Emotions!

  6. All in a day’s work, huh, MRS JGB? I am so sorry it’s been a rough start to the day…I hear you all too well. This morning my car wouldn’t start, and now it is at the mechanic’s. I want this day to end too…

  7. Thanks Michelle I’m feeling better now that I’ve gotten a pot of coffee down…Though a bit jittery. 🙂

    Sorry about your car, I always hate car problems. Hopefully nothing too costly.

  8. Yeah, well I haven’t heard anything from them yet, so that is NOT a good sign! LOL.

    It sucks that you had the flu, but I hope you’re close to recovery….how did you manage to be sick with 4 kids???? That’s what I want to know!

  9. Believe it or not I’m the only one in this stinking house that’s sick! Usually when I get sick it’s because one of the little…ahem…angels have contaminated me. I’m still on antibiotics until next tuesday…at least I don’t feel near as bad as I did the first 3 days of this thing. I actually thought I saw the grim reaper on the 2nd day, but it was just Jose…LOL Must have been the cough syrup!

  10. heh…
    riding lawnmower repair bill 583.00
    rust-proofing and painting 1978 Nova around 2-3,000
    broken laptop 538.00 (We said don’t bother and had them ship it back)
    But on the bright side of things. We got a 24 dollar refund from our auto insurance company for something.

  11. Wait! I forgot to add around 1,000 dollars to build a ramp on my hubby’s parents house.

  12. I was expecting you to say something like “A 24.00 refund from our auto insurance…priceless!”. LOL

  13. Being broke? Priceless!

    You could do your own VISA commercials, DL!

  14. Is there anything worse than the dreaded flu? You honestly feel like you’re dying. And I am SO not a fan of flu shots…I know three people who get their annual flu shots, and voila! Get the flu EVERY year. Just sayin’.

  15. It would be more like ..
    Dragon going to a tower and blowing the shit out of anything that moved…priceless. lol

  16. Don’t do that Drago…then they would have to lock you away and you wouldn’t be able to entertain us anymore.

  17. Yeah, seriously we need our Dragon fix. LOL. No getting arrested or committed.

  18. Can I flip them off?

  19. By all means! LOL.

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