Blog stats for the past week

“horror survey” 
padded cell pictures 
steve erwin stingray video 
crazy 8 sticker
Don’t Tell Mommy 4
“most told lies” 

newest family member 
no terrorist negotiation 
orlando bloom’s favorite drink 
uncle fester face mask 
tikki torch how to use 
words of inspiration for difficult times 
revenge on bad neighbors 

padded cell 
goldbloom pee 
what is katira 
crazy bumper stickers 
“Some Just Make Better Pets” 
movie survey results 2006 

build a padded cell 
kruger coffee makers 
gi joe coloring

“final destiny 3” 
don’t tell mommy 
padded cell pic 
“Chuck Norris””Images” 
19th anniversary poem 
screeching cockatiel 
don t tell mommy free 
sebastien loeb pics 

Banging My Teenage Daughter Part 1 
dont tell my mommy 

bee rawlinson 
Please Don’t Tell Mommy 
school project aztec indians 
Dont Tell Mommy
banging my teenage daughter part 2 
Don’t Tell Mommy 

I wanted to comment on all of the search terms but I’m having an extremely busy day so I’m only going to hit a couple of them.

“don’t tell my mommy” –  Okay that’s it…I’m telling your mom & I’m telling her to put the spank on ya!

“goldbloom pee”  –  :::shaking head::: I have nothing to say!

“tikki torch how to use”  –  Well it’s a good thing you didn’t end up at Dragon’s! LOL

“what is Katira”  –  I ask myself this all the time.

Lastly, I see my resident pervert is still out there.

Have a great weekend everyone!


3 responses to “Blog stats for the past week

  1. what is Katira? Don’t be silly, that’s Shakira’s twin sister. Spittin’ Image!

  2. I am the tikki torch master. heh

  3. How to use a Tiki Torch? Jeez – you pour the oil in, stick it in the ground then light it! The Beast suggest anybody mentally adroit enough to run a search engine on a computer should be able to manipulate fire! It IS mankind’s third oldest friend and tool (after The Rock and The Pointed Stick), after all…

    This probably stems from living in an age where they put directions for use on boxes of toothpicks.

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