A DAY TO REMEMBER…September 11, 2001

Today we all remember
today we all will pray
for all of those wonderful people
who’s lives were stole away.

An evil was amongst us
it circled in the sky
then swooped down and took our loved ones
right before our very eyes.

We watched it on our tv screens
with eyes wide with horror
our minds were filled with rage
and our hearts full of sorrow.

Those cowards who pursued us
and wrecked havoc on our nation
were hunted down, ran out of town
we gave them back their devastation.

It’s important that we never forget
for if we ever let our guard down
the cowards will take notice
They will once again invade our grounds.

So today let us remember
that our freedom has a price
let us pray for those who’ve gone before
and for those who still fight the fight.

By: MrsJoseGoldbloom


7 responses to “A DAY TO REMEMBER…September 11, 2001

  1. That is lovely…seems to have effected my monitor…it’s all blurry now.


  2. That was a fitting tribute, MRS JGB. What a horrible day that was. I know I’ll never forget it.

  3. Oh so lovely and fitting. Well said.

  4. Thanks guys…I always get real emotional on this day.

  5. Wow, that was great! A fitting tribute to this day and very well said. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Way to go MrsJG.

    We’re all with ya today.

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