Meme Time!

I was tagged by Dazd with this fun little word association meme. He gave me the words then I had to put down the first word that came to mind. This could be dangerous! LOL

1. Sun – Hot

2. Moon – Shine

3. Extra – Terrestrial

4. Telephone – Teenagers

5. Football – sucks

By the way I tag HairyBeast and below are your words Beast…so have fun.

1. Shark

2. Liberal

3. Jump

4. Shag

5. Beast


14 responses to “Meme Time!

  1. I KNOW you weren’t going to give me the list with the word “shark” in it.

  2. hey It works! Sorry I missed you I was cooking dinner. Try again?

  3. Ok lets try

    1. Shark — bite

    2. Liberal — weenie

    3. Jump — shot

    4. Shag — carpet

    5. Beast — rules

  4. Man I sacked out. I was soooo tired from writing my paper until the wee hours of the morning and then getting up to try and drum up some zombies for a (now)washed up charity drive.

  5. Nice responses beast.

    Dragon…you slacker.

  6. Me? Up to no good? Whatever on Earth would make you think that?

  7. Well Fester you disappear….nobody hears from you….livestock comes up missing. Okay spill it man!

  8. I was hoping the Beast would say:

    Shag – Yeah Baby!

  9. The Beast opted to take the high road…

  10. Hmph. I’m the picture of innocence. ::burp::

  11. Moon-shine and Extra-Terrestrial…scary combo there MrsJ.

  12. Dazd…I think the two go hand-in-hand! 😛

  13. So you could understand that but you couldn’t understand the whole “shotgun, umbrella, tequilla” combination??

  14. What? What are you talking about drago?

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