Every once in a while I think back to my childhood and remember some of the wonderful times that dragon and I had together. I was having one of those moments last night…thinking back on all the wonderful memories I have of visiting my Aunt Betty & Uncle Louie’s place. You see they were the care takers of the county fairgrounds, which meant they actually lived in the fairgrounds, which was cool for a kid. They were the ones who hosted many a family reunion and we’d have the use of the whole facility. I can remember eating big pieces of watermelon, playing hide&seek in the livestock building, & getting rides on a cart pulled by my uncle’s tractor. They really were great times! I can picture dragon lady in her little purple & white checked dress with her red sneakers…LOL…and of course the never ending chocolate ring that lived around her mouth throughout her childhood.

Those memories also saddened me because our family reunions died out a long time ago. I haven’t seen some of those family members in over a decade & several have since passed away. Why do families have to grow apart? Oh I understand that people’s lives are hectic and busy, but damn it you have to make time for family.

Okay I just remembered Uncle Donny chasing dragon & I around threatening to kiss us with his mouth full of skoal. On second thought maybe family reunions are over-rated!

Have a great weekend everyone!


5 responses to “REMINISCING!

  1. I avoid family like the plague.

  2. I LOVED those red tennis shoes.

  3. I love to get together with my family especially when you get to see family you havent gotten to see in forever. So they aren’t always all bad ^^.

  4. Skoal smear. VERY attractive. Loved your post.

  5. Dragon I hated those red shoes! LOL

    Thanks Froth.

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