My Search Terms For The Past Week

“steve erwin stingray video” 
freddie krueger 
butt glue swim suit  – (Sounds painful)
reply to an angry customer letter 
padded cell photos 
Padded cells 

“steve erwin stingray video” 
sore throat home remedies ice cream 
t shirt friends help you move, real friends 
Dog wont stop licking his butt  – ( I feel your pain)
Principal Mcgee 
padded cell stickers 
padded cell photograph 

Florence Henderson nude – (Thanks Dragonlady!)
don’t tell mommy 
gi joe haunted – (Hey he haunted me first)                    
cussing with symbols – (I knew it would catch on)

padded cell chair 
“freddie krueger” 
picture of adults sneezing – (cuckoo, cuckoo)
Padded Cell 

kicked in nuts – (Ouch!…poor guy)

pictures of freddie kruger 
steve erwin stingray video 
steve irwin bumper stickers 
2006 horror flicks 
girl in padded cells 
identity theft 
Johnny Cash bumper stickers 
“steve erwin stingray video” 
bad neighbor revenge ideas  – (Been there, done that!)
“steve erwin stingray” 
crazy bumper stickers 

johnny cash finger bumper sticker
  – (could be messy) 
please tell your pants its not polite to point
pictures of a padded cell  
Don’t Tell Mommy 3 
final pictures of steve erwin  
how to copy hollowman2 
bad neighbors: blog 
steve erwin stingray video 
labbies  – (Awww…I love labbies)
steve irwin bumper sticker 

don’t tell mommy 
erwin stingray 
freddie krueger  – (Man I get a lot of searches for him)
bee rawlinson 
“steve erwin stingray video” 
creator of cell phone 
printable picture of freddy krueger 

pictures of Steve Erwin 
padded kids bra wtf?  – (Padded kids bra…WTF!)
“thaiphoon shrimp” –   (Run away!)
steve erwin poems 
steve erwin stingray video 
steve irwin bumper sticker 
steve erwin video 
locks of love son  


7 responses to “My Search Terms For The Past Week

  1. Florence Henderson nude. That’s just wrong.

  2. “Please tell your pants it’s not polite to point”? – Damn, that’s good. I wish I’d thought of that.

  3. I, too, lost it when I read:Pease tell your pants…” I’ll have to remember that one!

  4. Grumpyunk & Freddie…I loved that one too. I’m definitely going to have to remember that one for Jose! LOL

    Tony…Yes it is WRONG, and I have drago to thank for that one. 🙂

  5. The people who search for this stuff are wrong, BIG TIME (as Peter Gabriel always says).

  6. Michelle I often wonder if Drago isn’t to blame for some of my real weird searches, or perhaps Mr. Dragon!

  7. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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