A Love Story?

I knew from the moment I laid eyes on you I would take you for my own. The way you sat there so coy, I could tell you were waiting for me. Your full body and that scent…Oh man you were driving me wild. As I neared I noticed your rich Carmel coloring and had to stop for a moment for fear I’d swoon. My wits slowly returned and I traversed the final steps to reach you my love. As I moved closer and reached out to grab hold of you, I broke out in a sweat. I pulled you to my lips, and drank you down. Ahhh my first cup of coffee! 🙂


19 responses to “A Love Story?

  1. Thanks for summing it up for all of us coffee addicts! LOL. That was brilliant.

  2. Well Michelle…you know I used to hide my feelings but figured it was best to get them out. 🙂

  3. Well said…I guess I never looked at coffee drinking as an intimate activity. lol

  4. My God man you haven’t lived yet! 🙂

  5. I have multiple coffee experiences a day. I’ve heard that many people can’t achieve this.

  6. Are they out of body experiences? LOL.

    P.S. I feel that way about chocolate too.

  7. Dragon…you’re our role-model!

  8. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. hehehe…now give me a cigarette!

  9. Uh…this is a non-smoking room. You’ll have to take it outside.

  10. Ahhhh…..

    Coffee Porn…


  11. Oh Great!…now I’m going to have more porn searches on my blog.

  12. What? for “coffee porn”?

  13. Yes Dragon and why not I just noticed someone searching for “geriatric nudes” on my site…LOL Sickos!

  14. “geriatric nudes with enema and support hose?”

  15. Wow…you sound JUST like my wife. I’ve seen her put down 4 pots of coffee in one day. And she’s just under 100 pounds…

  16. In a word…hamster wheel…okay, in two words.

  17. Ryan…Dragon and I can put away the coffee, especially when we’re together.

  18. Yes, but do you break out in a sweat?

  19. Occasionally, but we’re usually moving around so fast we don’t notice. lol

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