Well the weekend is coming to a close

I actually got a lot accomplished this weekend. I trimmed my tree out front, and a few bushes. I worked on cleaning out the garage and breaking down a bunch of cardboard boxes we had thrown stored out there. I also sorted through a much neglected pile of paperwork that was in need of pitching or filing. Not a real exciting weekend but I feel good because I tackled a lot of the little task that pile up on you. Hopefully you all had a great weekend too. Now I think I’ll go tackle one more project before finishing up my day…There’s a pot of coffee that needs tended to. CIAO!


3 responses to “Well the weekend is coming to a close

  1. i’ve been in that boat. But my weekends are usually Mon and Tues. due to the fact I work in a resturant. But I am making my way towards a career change. I am going to relax tomorrow and save house cleanning for Tues. (maybe). I may wait until BBW is due home to clean house. I mean, how messy can it be. Not too bad. Just needs to be vaccumed. ( i hope he doesn’t read this, he may think i’m a slob only after 5 mths of marriage).LOL

  2. I remember when I was a waitress and my weekends were Mon & Tues. I always wanted to work those weekend days because the tips were mucho better! Hey when the men aren’t around the house is always cleaner for some reason. He won’t think you’re a slob, he’ll be so happy to see you he wont even notice the house.

  3. I didn’t really accomplish anything this weekend, but at least I had fun. lol

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