What’s going on in the Blogosphere

Well first off Tony’s tossing around some ideas for a new Internet business. The people at Wuzzadem have come up with their own terrorist threat indicator. Laura at Vitamin Sea has a Name that pic challenge going on. Dragon has a monkey on her back. Hoosierboy wants to be king. Freddie has a close call. Frothmistress lets the bird fly. SteveH  at “Hog on Ice” speaks out about talk like a pirate day…ARGHHH! Zug makes another prank call. And last but not least, the newest addition to my links  Crazy Uncle…stop by and give him a visit.

UPDATE: Yucca has an excellent post up regarding one mans response to the pakistani who offered a reward to anyone who killed an American.


4 responses to “What’s going on in the Blogosphere

  1. You forgot ME. . . I’m an old freek who need people to click on the ad I have on my site, so that I have money for coffee next month.

  2. I’m sorry Kirsten, I couldn’t squeeze all my links in today’s post. I’ll be sure and put you in my next linking post…I promise!

  3. Hey! Thanks for the linkage. I may have to start paying attention to place if I get some visitors. Unk

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