Avast Ye Mateys It Be Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Following Be a sampling of me Pirate Lingo…Arrr…Feel free to add to me list.

avast – A command meaning stop or desist.

belay – (1) To secure or make fast (a rope, for example) by winding on a cleat or pin. (2) To stop, most often used as a command

Blimey! – An exclamation of surprise.

booty – Treasure.

bring a spring upon her cable – To come around in a different direction.

coxswain – A person who usually steers a ship’s boat and has charge of its crew.

deadlights – (1) Strong shutters or plates fastened over a ship’s porthole or cabin window in stormy weather. (2) Thick windows set in a ship’s side or deck. (3) Eyes. ie: “Use yer deadlights, matey!”

fire in the hole – A warning issued before a cannon is fired.

Gold Road – A road across the Isthmus of Panama used to transport gold by train of pack mules.

grog blossom – A redness on the nose or face of persons who drink ardent spirits to excess.

hang the jib – To pout or frown.

hempen halter – The hangmans noose.

Jack Ketch – The hangman. To dance with Jack Ketch is to hang.

keelhaul – To punish someone by dragging them under a ship, across the keel, until near-death or death. Both pirates and the Royal Navy were fond of this practice.

loaded to the gunwalls – To be drunk.

mizzen – A fore-and-aft sail set on the mizzenmast.

nipperkin – A small cup or drink.

pillage – To rob of goods by force, especially in time of war; plunder.

poop deck – The highest deck at the stern of a large ship, usually above the captains quarters.

provost – The person responsible for discipline on board a ship.

run a rig – To play a trick.

scallywag – A villainous or mischievous person.

Sink me! – An expression of surprise.

splice the main brace – To have a drink or perhaps several drinks.

squiffy – Somewhat intoxicated; tipsy.

topgallant – Of, relating to, or being the mast above the topmast, its sails, or its rigging.

wherry – A light, swift rowboat built for one person usually used in inland waters or harbors.

ye – You.

yo-ho-ho – An exclamation associated with pirates.


6 responses to “Avast Ye Mateys It Be Talk Like A Pirate Day!

  1. “To dance with Jack Ketch is to hang.”

    He was born to boogie! lol

  2. Loaded to the gunwalls…I’m going to have to use that one this week, I think! LOL.

  3. Are you planning on getting “loaded to the gunwalls” Michelle? 😛

  4. “sink me!” is definitely my favorite!

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