In The Halloween Spirit

Well Dragon has gotten me in the Halloween spirit so I decided to post something for the occasion. Here was my entry for an art contest last Halloween. Enjoy!


13 responses to “In The Halloween Spirit

  1. Hey, that’s great! Are you going to do another one this year? can we have a preview?

  2. Well I’ve been kicking around the idea, but haven’t decided yet. If I do I will definitely post it here for you guys to preview.

  3. Do a zombie!! 🙂

  4. Wow, that’s really good MrsJG

  5. Needs to brush his teeth.

  6. Wow. That’s awesome. I’m lucky if I can draw a decent stick person…

  7. Thanks guys….drago I already have an idea for this years entry, and it includes a zombie. I’ve thought about saving pics of my progress so y’all can see the progression, if you’re interested that is.

  8. I just remembered that I posted this pic last year…as a matter of fact this pic was my very first blog post.

  9. How’d you get Nancy Pelosi to pose for you?

  10. Lol Grumpyunk…I had some dirt on her!

  11. That rocks, MRS JGB. Wish I could draw like that…you are very talented.

  12. Thanks Michelle…right now I’m working on this years halloween pic.

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