Here’s the progression…

…of my Halloween artwork thus far:

Okay this is how I start…pretty lame huh?

I then fill in some of the color:

I decided to make some changes to the layout:


Placement of the zombie:


Now all the detailing begins (this is the hardest part):


Artwork so far:


11 responses to “Here’s the progression…

  1. What you don’t see is the Zombie Police standing in front saying, “Freeze!”

  2. LOL Tony I didn’t think of that…I wanted it to look like he was looing out of the painting/artwork. Maybe I should ditch the hands?

  3. Noooo! Don’t do that. I think it’s great. I was just lamely trying to be funny.

    I think you’ve got big talent! That’s just a photoshop, right?

  4. Well it does look like he’s under arrest! LOL

    Yes I use 2 applications for my artwork (I go back & forth between the 2): “Adobe Photoshop 5.5”, and plain old “paint”.

  5. Coolness! I see you added more blood. 🙂

  6. Yes…lots of blood for your viewing pleasure!

  7. I use paint too…

    Still haven’t learned how to do a friggin’ straight line on PS.

  8. Tony…When I click the link it goes to my site.

  9. PS is trickier to use, I still like paint for some of the simpler things. I feel like it’s easier and I have a little more control.

  10. I got it Tony….Thank you!

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