Story Time!

Let’s see who can write the best short story following the story line of these pics. This could get quite interesting…LOL!

UPDATE: I’m going to keep this post on top for a few days, but you can scroll down for new Posts.


19 responses to “Story Time!

  1. is one allowed to take either the top or the bottom picture as first in the story, or does the bottom picture need to be last? (sorry for pickiness, just intrigued by the idea)

  2. Well for the sake of creative license…you can start at either end. The story line I had in mind started from the top, but it could be interesting doing it the other way.

  3. Before I get started, is that a G.I. Joe with a Kunk Fu Grip? …or just a regular G.I. Joe?

  4. Yes he has the “kung fu” gripping action….top of the line!

  5. Hey what is this….I know I have many creative type people out there. Where’s my stories? Where’s my entertainment? Man now I don’t have a bedtime story. :::sulks off to write my own story:::

  6. jeeze Goldy, we gotta work down here in Florida. Not you? I have been thinking about my story though….just not ready. Maybe by bedtime.

  7. Well I guess…If you have to let a little thing like work get in the way of my entertainment I’ll just have to put on my big girl pants and deal with it. LOL

  8. Ya gotta give me a day or so on this one. I’m up for it!

  9. Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was holyman who loved to drink large steins of German ale! One day, after imbibing for hours, said holyman was talking to a group of AP reporters when he blurted, “Ich bin ein Mohammed. I mean, Mohammed was…oh fuggit.”

    Naturally, this upset the followers of the Jew-hater, and they decided to have an effigy bar-b-q. They shouted anti-holyman slogans and carried on, then hit themselves in the head with knives, beheaded a few folks, dragged their burnt bodies through the streets, and called it a night.

    The story got around town that the holyman was being threatened by the jew haters. They shot one of his followers for revenge. Well this caused great ire with a certain bird named Baldy. Baldy was going to show the King of the Jewhaters who was boss, so he sent his top-notched commando into the mountains with his A-K 47. With his Kung Fu grip the commando snuffed out as many of the jewhaters as he could, but couldn’t find their king, that fuckin’ snake in the grass. Oh, but he will. The end.

  10. LOL Tony…that was brilliant…and worth the wait. The part about the “kung fu grip” made me LOL and I almost had to clean my monitor.

  11. Well I wrote my story and I’m trying to decide whether to post it here in the comments section or make a post with it. It’s over 3 pages in my notebook so it might be too long for a comment.

  12. Once upon a time there was a beloved religious leader named Big Kahuna. He was a good and honest man who took much pleasure in his work. His followers loved him greatly and liked to dance, and frolic, and make merry for they were a happy lot full of spirits, and goodness, and more spirits.

    But there came a day when Big Kahuna made a public decree. He declared that the wicked king of the east was evil and liked to rape, plunder, & pillage. He warned his people of the dangers they faced from the followers of this king, the king of the Muslins.

    The news of this decree spread quickly and before long the Muslins in the east were rioting, looting, and doing great war dances around many fires. They were chanting “Death to Big Kahuna”. They ran through the streets looking for someone to punish or something to burn, and they gnashed their teeth in anguish.

    All this rioting and pillaging caught the attention of the mighty war bird known as Gitmo. He had become irritated with the wicked people in the east and had pointed his mighty finger at them and declared “I will send forth a mighty army like you have not seen before to smite thee oh heathenous Muslins. Stop your heathenous heathenry or you will suffer greatly”.

    So the king of the Muslins proclaimed that they would not stop their heathenous behavior and that unless all the good people of the land didn’t turn to the ways of the Muslins they would all be set ablaze while the Muslins danced around them. Then the wicked king of the Muslins went and hid in a cave.

    Gitmo the mighty war bird was angered and grew tired of the foolish behavior of the wicked king so he sent forth his mighty army called the Ooohrahs. The Ooohrahs were a fierce army made of molded plastic with moveable parts. So it came to be that the Ooohrahs with their fierce painted on faces converged upon the raging Muslins and bestowed upon them all manner of awesome action adventure maneuvers until they had smitten all the Muslins. Then they tracked down the wicked king in his cave and they made fun of his cowardice before smiting him with their awesome action adventure maneuvers.

    With all evil being cleared from the land the Ooorahs returned home to the land of Gitmo. Everywhere there was once again peace and harmony just like in the days before evil befell their lands. Ooohrah!

  13. ::sniff:: That is such a nice story. Wish it were true. You, Mr. JG, Mary and I need to partay one day. I’m pretty sure we’re on the same wavelength.

  14. Isn’t it such a great ending…I cried while writing it! 😛 Hey If Jose and I go to Dragon’s sometime maybe we could all drive to florida and meet up somewhere. Then we could Partay, but I must warn you dragon can be embarassing when she Partays!

  15. Excellent! So can Mary!

  16. Ditch the blather and cut to the chase.


    Instant parking lot.

    500 years later after the glowing stops…

    Marines painting stripes.

  17. See dick (with funny hat) make a bold statement.
    See Jane(s) (with funny head gear) throw a temper tantrum.
    Run dick run!
    See Spot the eagle get angry, and make various hand gestures.
    Run Jane RUN!
    See leader Jane hide and talk big.
    See dick seek, with big gun.
    And they all lived happily ever after.

  18. with funny headgear…hilarious.

  19. I didn’t know Jane had a beard!

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