My search terms for the past week

I can’t believe how many searches I recieved for Steve this past week. I will not make comments on any searches involving him…I just wouldn’t feel right about it.  

steve erwin stingray video                                           
steve erwin stingray 
michelle says – (Michelle I’m getting hits for you!)
steve erwin vid
steve erwin pictures 
pictures of steve erwin stingray
shakes on a plane – (OMG that title still cracks me up)
bada bing pesci – (Bada Boom)
dont tell my mommy 
stingray cells 
steve erwin stingray video 
steve erwin final photos 
stingray pictures 
padded cell 
what is borderline manic – (shhhh…it’s Dragon)
Movie Trivia 2006  
Lil Kim strip search  (Ewwww…that’s nasty)
online zombie scenario Quizzes (?)
b5 concert pictures 
florence henderson nude  (You Sicko)
steve erwin stingray pics 
“orlando bloom” +”crack pipe”  (WHAT!)
freddy kruger, funny, pic 

steve erwin stingray video 
steve erwin video 
steve erwin stingray 
steve erwin final photos 
steve erwin sting ray video 
florence henderson nude  (Greg is that you?)
steve erwin last pics 
don´t tell mommy- free 
steve erwin video stingray 
steve erwin and stingray and video 
steve erwin stingray pic 
where is steve erwin buried 
shakes on a plane 
steve erwin video 
steve erwin death pictures  (OMG! Okay that’s wrong)
steve erwin/stingray video 
B5 (concert) 

coffee maker castrated – (How do you castrate one?)
johnny cash bumper sticker 
How to stop bad neighbors –
steve erwin + sting ray pictures 
steve erwin revenge 
steve erwin last video 
stingray video 
pictures of steve erwin 
steve erwin stingray pictures 
steve irwin bumper stickers 
steve erwin death video 
florence henderson big ass  (ROFLMAO!)
steve erwin faith 
we Remember Steve erwin 
steve erwin family photos 
steve erwin childhood 
steve erwin remembered 
steve erwin’ pictures 

steve erwin stingray video 
steve erwin video 
steve erwin stingray 
steve erwin pictures 
steve erwin 
steve irwin bumper stickers 
video of steve erwin 
steve erwin pics 
“We came. We saw. We kicked its ass!” 
padded cell 
padded cells 
What to wear on your anniversary  (Your B-Day suit?)
johnny Cash and Steve Irwin 
watch steve erwin stingray video 
hair down the drain  (Hair today…Gone tomorrow)
A stingray steve irwin bumper sticker 
3 most told lies  (It’s in the mail, He did it, I love you)
erwin video die 
what religion is steve erwin 
childhood of Steve Erwin 

photo of steve erwin 
Steve Erwin stingray video 

cell part poems 


“steve erwin stingray video” 


10 responses to “My search terms for the past week

  1. “Lil Kim strip search”

    “cell part poems”

    “coffee maker castrated”

    I’m speechless…

  2. I’ve had a monsterous amount of searches regarding Steve Irwin. But none to do with sting rays, mostly just eulogy searches.

  3. Where do you get those stats Goldbloom? My stats suck.

  4. They’re from my wordpress stats page.

  5. Hmmm, Interesting… Is this from the search from your page???

  6. Kirsten…these are searches that people did when they ended up on my blog-site.

  7. today i got an ‘how to kill a yucca’ search… ain’t that sad? not only they want to kill me, but they actually found their victim on google… sob sob

  8. Ah Yucca…don’t worry Goldbloom will protect you!

  9. cheers mammagoldbloom 🙂

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