The Redneck Medical Dictionary

Artery  –  The study of fine painting

Barium  –  What you do when the patient dies

Benign  –  What you do after eight

Cesarean Section  –  A district in Rome

Colic  –  A sheep dog

Congenital  –  Friendly

Dilate  –  To live longer

Fester  –  Quicker

Hangnail  –  Coat hook

Morbid  –  A higher offer

Secretion  –  hiding something

Tablet  –  A small table

Minor operation  –  Coal mining

Node  – Was aware of

Organic  –  A church musician

Protein  –  In favor of young people

Tumor  –  An extra pair


3 responses to “The Redneck Medical Dictionary

  1. Dictate – oh…nevermind. That’s not medical.

  2. Tony…Please don’t make me go there! LOL

  3. “Fester – Quicker”

    Now you sound like The Brunette.

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