Jose Needs Intervention!

Jose has a problem & it’s a sad, sad day in the Goldbloom household. Jose has become an addict! He has that glazed-over look in his eyes, he forgets whole conversations that we’ve had, He screams out obscenities without warning. Yes Jose is addicted to ON-LINE POKER! Fortunately (for him)  he just does the free poker tournaments and doesn’t play for real cash. He’s trying to win a seat on a major poker tournament, like Chris Moneymaker did. I think we have every on-line poker site downloaded on our computer.

His addiction doesn’t stop at the PC though, he’s even watching the poker tournaments on television. I had never realized how big poker has become. Did you know that almost any time of day you can find a poker tournament on TV? Unfortunately I know this! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good game of poker, but good lord man enough is enough! Something better happen soon or this Joker’s gonna be wild!


8 responses to “Jose Needs Intervention!

  1. Of all the vices, I could never understand the attraction to gambling. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good poker game, but not for any substantial amount of money. I just don’t see the logic in….
    I have 100 dollars, so I’m going put that money on the table where I could lose it and have 0 dollars. I already have 100 dollars that’s a sure thing, so why take a chance on losing it??
    I just don’t understand gambling.

  2. I’m not a big gambler myself and agree with Drago’s logic. My Mom and Dad are in charge of the silent auction at the upcoming St. Timothy’s Catholic Church Fall Festival! Here (item number 23) he can bid on a seminar from the auction that will teach him how to become a real professional.

  3. Ooops…first go to the “Auction Item List.” …then scroll to number 23.

  4. My hub loves blackjack and also watches it on TV from time to time. I’ve often thought it’s a good thing he doesn’t care much for going online or he’d be doing the same thing as Jose!

  5. After a solid losing streak in S Poker she complained that she couln’t get on to the back of my motorbike, ass naked, because it was against the law to ride on a motorbike without shoes.
    There should be a law.

  6. S Poker….thank gawd jose hasn’t become addicted to that! What would I tell the neighbors?

  7. I’ve got a cattle prod if you need to borrow it.

  8. And a helmet, Kees, gotta have a helmet too.

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