I guess I would be…

…the Dennis Leary of the Smurfs. WTF!

My Smurf Name is:
Vulgar Smurf

Get Your Smurf Name at Quizopolis.com
Hat tip to Janet for the link.


12 responses to “I guess I would be…

  1. I’m Sexy Smurf. How they came up with that without seeing the goods simply amazaes me. How did they know?

  2. That’s not fair….I want to be sexy smurf!

  3. Uh Oh, I hope WordPress isn’t having the same problems that Blogger had. Seems they’ve lost something!

  4. I’ve been having trouble with WP for the last few days. I’m starting to get agitated.

  5. im Hypochondriac Smurf… how do they know? how is this possible? who told me? Cia? Fbi? Nsa?

  6. I can’t believe the &##*$ing thing said I am “Vulgar Smurf” I mean what the $&%* is up with that #&*%!

  7. I too am Sexy Smurf. Vulgar Smurf would fit me more! LOL. I say we all protest….”It’ll be anarchy?” Ok, what movie is THAT line from?

  8. Michelle…was that “the breakfast club”? I agree let’s protest…I’ll make the signs!

  9. You win, MRS JGB! I knew you’d get that one.

    Make sure the signs are blue. LOL.

  10. “Cheap Smurf”

    Works for me.

  11. LOL…Fester I’m not saying a word! Okay maybe just “I wonder what the brunette would say” hehehe

  12. Hmpf.

    There’s a reason I’m poor and it isn’t because of my Harley.

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