A Message I received regarding Dazd


I know you don’t know me from Adam. But I wanted to pass along some news to some of Dazed’s daily readers. I don’t have a blog and I’m not sure how to get this info out. So, I’m starting with you.Monday night around mid-night we were informed that Dazd had a heart attack. He is currently in the hospital and recovering. I believe he has had one stint placed and will need another before he can be released. If you know of a way to pass this info on to others that read his blog, please do so.I’m sure he will have some enlightening words once he returns, but until then, please keep him in your prayers and send him a get well e-mail if you can.

DNR & Pinky

UPDATE: Dazd posted a comment on his site.

Can’t get into blogger from the hospital. So commenting here hoping you all see this. Yes, I had a heart attack and hopefully coming home thursday. Janet…not sure how you found out. i think we have a conversation coming. thank you for letting them know


4 responses to “A Message I received regarding Dazd

  1. Please pass him my best from here.

  2. Will do Kees…I emailed him earlier, hopefully I’ll hear something in the next day or two.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up, MrsJose! I hadn’t checked his site. I got about the same email you got.

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