Wayback When’sday

Well I’ve finally got pics for this “Wayback When’sday”…can you believe it?

Okay first up is my baby pic….I was born bald! I must have been a happy baby because I think in all my baby pics I have the same look on my face. Okay drags don’t say it!

My baby pic

Me at my Great Grandpa’s farm, I can’t remember if I was having fun or thinking “get me off this thing”.

Me & Grandpa

And last but not least a pic of Dragon when she was but a wee lass. Oh look at her. You’d think she was so sweet and innocent looking at this pic, but then you’d be wrong….very WRONG!

Young Drags

Well that wraps it up for this Wayback When’sday, but check back next week because I have more pics. Wuhahaha!


16 responses to “Wayback When’sday

  1. Those are so cute! Misleading, but cute…LOL.

  2. Misleading? I don’t know what you mean. 🙂

  3. Yeah, just keep telling yourself that. LOL.

  4. These are adorable. What cute little girls!

  5. Awww…look at the two kidlets! You both looked so angelic. WTF happened?

  6. Thanks Freddie.

    Michelle & Tony what are you trying to say? Hmmmm?

  7. I plead the 5th, and I’m sure Tony will too.

  8. I still think I look like a smartbutt. lol

  9. This is y’alls scariest post yet.

  10. The ending was the scariest part. 😛

  11. THANK YOU Goldbloom…Mr. Dragon now has my baby picture as his desktop.
    I’ll pay you back.

  12. I knew that picture was going to come in handy for something…LOL. Oh, MRS JGB. I feel for you. DL’s payback? Will be hell. I’m sure of it.

  13. These comments always crack me up. Since I don’t KNOW you two well enough, I’ll go ahead and allow myself to think y’all looked angelic and innocent.
    Although I wouldnt put it past dragon…. LOL

  14. Everyone always assumes I’m the ornery one!! 🙂 And they’d be right.

  15. We know what’s what, DL….LOL.

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