Woohoo…I hit 10,000 Hits!

Thanks to all of you for visiting my humble blog site. Y’all have made my blogging experience a wonderful & unforgettable one.  Thanks to all the people who link to my site and bring in those poor unsuspectiing hits  souls. And a big thanks to Dragon for pulling me into the world of blogging!

Okay that concludes my acceptance speech….you may commence your blogging activities.


19 responses to “Woohoo…I hit 10,000 Hits!

  1. You didn’t thank Jose….so you’re right in line with all the other acceptance speech-givers who forget to thank said spouse….LOL. Congrats on hitting 10,000—that is way cool!

  2. Well I would thank Jose, but he’s probably only came to my site like twice. He says he doesn’t like blogging because he works on pc’s all day at work, but he does the internet poker thing! So “WHAT”S UP WITH THAT JOSE?”.

  3. Good for you! But be careful, this bloggin bit can become as addictive as My Skoal snuff

  4. Thanks Michelle & Guyk……..and it’s too late I’m already addicted so pass the skoal!

  5. LOL…I hope Jose read THAT!

  6. Congrats Goldbloom. That’s one helluva landmark! I guess I’m going to be more of a link whore than I’ve been in the past month or so to catch your ass.

  7. Congrats! Keep it up.

  8. Tony…just type the words “florence henderson nude” on your site somewhere! LOL

  9. :::record scratching sound::: hold up, stop the party!….What was that Tony said? Did he just call me a link whore? Well I NEVER!…..Okay lets get this party going again.

  10. Don’t let fame give you a fat head.

  11. Fester did you have an appointment to speak with me?

  12. No.

    But you did anyway, didn’t you.

    I always suspected you were a sucker for short, fat, bearded men.

  13. How did you know what Jose looks like?

  14. Goldbloom, wasn’t you who called Tony and I link whores?? 🙂
    Congrats on the hits sista dear.

  15. LOL congrats! I’m late to post, but I see you’re up to 11K hits now.. way to go!!!

  16. Whooo HOOO

    That is very good.
    I will do a special Goldbloom 10,000 post as soon as I gather the correct pictures.

    Did somebody use the word “whore”

    There was this female person that filled in a form of some kind and in the box for (profession) she wrote “whore”.

    So some do gooder had to ask her how many times she had had sex.
    She replied that she had done the deed twice.

    Do gooder: You can’t call yourself a whore then, even I have done it more times than that, do you know whom you did it with?

    This female: Yes, first with the Navy and then with the Army


  17. Thanks Laura.

    Kees…I can’t wait for the special post! LOL

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