Slow Blogging day

Well since I’m having a blah day and I really don’t have anything special to blog about I thought I would put up a funny little post for y’all. Do you remember Just a few days ago I posted a link to the “what smurf are you” site? Well I ran a few names through there and I posted the results below. Enjoy and have a great evening.  

Elmer Fudd = Vulgar smurf
Scooby Doo = Insane smurf
Dennis Leary = Paranoid smurf
Orlando Bloom = Wealthy smurf (also know as Hot Smurf)
Bill Clinton = Clumsy smurf
Mickey Mouse = Dirty smurf
Michael Meyers = Crazy smurf
Clark Kent = Drunken smurf
Darth Vader = Naughty smurf
Hillary Clinton = Nasty smurf
Brad Pitt = Stingy smurf
Al Sharpton = Tarty smurf
Jesse Jackson = Evil Smurf

UPDATE: Well I thought of a name that I forgot to do….Jose Goldbloom’s! How could I forget him? When I saw his result I knew I had to post it, dragon will get a kick out of it. So here goes:

Jose Goldbloom = Flashy smurf


16 responses to “Slow Blogging day

  1. Ah, slow blogging days – The Beast knows that well. He just got through thirteen of them himself.

  2. Hey beast…how the heck are you? We’ve been worried about you.

  3. Didn’t feel like writing for a bit, probably writer’s block. The Beast is fine, thanks for asking.

  4. slow day huh? still in da hspital. hopefully get out tomorrow. finally figured out how to get to my daily reads/ will be posting before ya know it.


  5. Hey Dazd how are you feeling? Okay that wasn’t a very bright question was it? We’re all praying for you and missing you.

  6. Hey, Bill Clinton has the same smurf name as I do! But then again, I never use my real last name on these quizzes.

    Good to see Dazd posting again, huh?

  7. Yes Janet I was shocked when I saw his name…I had to do a double take. LOL Janet, bill clinton aint go nuttin on you!

  8. Janet I tried posting on your site but I keep getting an error! I’m having trouble with all of the blogspot blogs today.

  9. Dazd! Welcome back and all that! 🙂

  10. Me too on the blogspot deal.

  11. I leave blogspot and it still causes me grief. :::sigh:::

  12. What happened to Sexy Smurf? Or Hypochondriac Smurf? You gotta love that Clark Kent is Drunken Smurf. Guess all hope of a sober rescue from Superman is gone.

  13. Well Michelle if I had to go out in a suit like that I’d need to be drunk too! 🙂

  14. Very true! Getting trashed is underrated when you’re dressed kinda quirky!

  15. What kind of smurf are you when you gotta smack a smurf up?

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