Good morning everyone I hope everyone is doing well today. For those of you who didn’t see, Dazd was actually on here last night and posted that he may be going home today. That’s great!  Tony has posted the funniest wedding announcements you’ll ever see. Hairybeast is back….YAY…welcome back beast we missed you! It’s time to play “Friday Five ” over at Hoosierboys blog. There’s a new “product test & prank call” over at Zug’s site, that man cracks me right up. And of course Kirsten always has a good read going at her site (See Kirsten I told you I’d link you next time).

Well that sums up what I’ve found so far, now I have some coffee to drink and more blogs to hit so I’ll talk at ya later. CIAO!

UPDATE: I found this hysterical post at Hammer’s blog, I think I know how to teach my boys about the birds & bees now!


13 responses to “It’s FRIDAY!

  1. I’ll pull up a chair and have a cup of coffee with you, MRS JGB…Happy Friday, TGIF, and all that! 🙂

  2. Happy Friday back at ya Michelle…yes pull up a chair and let’s enjoy our java!

  3. Thank you for adding me. It’s so nice of you.

  4. You’re welcome Kirsten, keep up the great posts.

  5. You’re always good for a Friday Linkaroonie, Goldbloom. I appreciate it, and reciprocate quite often!

    I hope that one day we can all meet face to face…the whole bunch of us. I know I make fun of blog meets, but I think this one would be great. (I usually call blog meets, “Viewings.” I mean, hell…you just want to see what the other really look like, right?

  6. You’re welcome on the Linky thing, and yes you’re good about reciprocating. It would be fun to have a viewing, maybe we’ll all be nominated for blog awards and we can meet at the awards ceremony.

    Tony…You could also call them “Show-n-Tells”.

  7. Friday Linkaroonie. heh. I get such a kick out of Tony.

  8. Thanks Michelle! Michelle are you the same Michelle that commented on my blog? You have some pretty snappy comments yourself, and I’m curious why you’re not blogging?

  9. Thanks for the link!

    Great looking site by the way.

  10. No problem hammer, and thanks!

  11. Tony,… Dragon and I have told Michelle tht she needs to start a blog. I think she would be great at it!

  12. I am one and the same, Tony…no blog. Seriously, if I had one, you guys would HATE me, I would whine so much. I don’t have the computer at home to even support a blogging program, so there goes that idea. In the meantime, I will just enjoy (and critique) all of yours. 🙂

  13. Oh come on Michelle! If you start whining too much we’ll all chip in and buy you a nipple and bottle to suck on! lol

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