Pics from the Goldbloom Household

First up is Hollywood. Doesn’t he look grumpy? I guess when he’s ready to go in he expects you to be quick about it. Right now poor Holly Wolly is suffering from allergies.

Next is the neighbors cat “Patches”,  she has adopted us. I feel guilty really, because the neighbors say she won’t go in their house, but if we’re not watching she darts through our door when we open it. She even has her own food and water bowl here.

This is my youngest child Jeremy. This pic was taken at his b-day party this summer. Notice the look on his face…He’s finished opening all his presents and he is looking very upset. Apparently he was upset because he had asked for a fake bomb (to play army with), but didn’t get one. I mean I did try, but where the hell does one get a fake bomb anyway???

And this is child #3 Jose II. He’s just chillin like a villain with family at Jeremy’s b-day party. My God the poor kid looks like me!


12 responses to “Pics from the Goldbloom Household

  1. Great pics Goldbloom. Your boys are cuties. Cute critters too.

    Poor Hollywood… Hope he feels better soon.

  2. fake bomb??? hmmm, give him a 2 liter bottle of Diet coke and Mentos? Good thing homeland security didnt get wind of his wishes. LOL

    Poor old Hollywood. What kind of allergies does he have? Pretty dog though!!

  3. Thanks Freddie…I do have to admit, the boys are cute, especially when they’re sleeping! 😛

    Laura…He used to want to be a soldier until Jose and I were watching “band of brothers” one night and he asked me if that is really what it was like to be one and I said yes. The soldiers were all getting shot up and he looked at me and said “Mom I don’t want to be a soldier anymore, I want to be a teacher”….Thank God! Hollywood has had some minor skin irritations in the past, but nothing like this bout. We believe it is some type of pollen or dust allergy and he is taking antihistamines right now. Poor guy, I feel so sorry for him.

  4. Hollywood is such a sweetheart. He’s such a nice and gentle doggie.

  5. goldbloom, did you see what happened to the beast after having put his kids up? please dont leave us too…

  6. What cute boys! My daughter looks like me. You may want to look for a fake bomb at the dollar store. You could give it to him at Christmas.

  7. Hi Goldbloom, from beautiful Ammelia Island, Florida! Good looking family, and Hollyschmoomers! We are staying in the coolest hotel with an office for blogging!

    We imbibed a bit too much last night…those pictures were deleted!

  8. Thanks all for the nice words about the boys.

    Dragon…Hollywood misses you, he wants you to come play!

    Yucca…Don’t worry I won’t diaappear, unless Jose has plans that I don’t know about. 😛

    Becky…I tried the dollar tree, but no luck.

    Tony…Glad you’re having a good time, but we want to see those pictures! LOL

  9. Nice photoes. Wish you a blissfull week-end

  10. Your puppy is gorgeous. And your chilrens are even MORE gorgeous! I love the expression on Jeremy’s face. I remember that well, from Christmas. No, really, everything’s FINE. Well, actually, I didn’t want any of this, I wanted INSERT HERE.
    Too funny.

  11. Thanks Froth & Kirsten.

    Jeremy tried to be tactful about it, but his face said it all!

  12. Maybe you can get him a whoopee cushion for Christmas…

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