Hey I heard that! Stop laughing!!

Seriously I need help with deciding which of my macro art images to enter in a contest. I’m torn between three different images and I thought “hey why not let my blog family help”. So please help me….Please!

Entry #1:


Entry #2:

Entry #3:

Thanks…You guys are great :::sniff sniff::: I knew I could count on you.


21 responses to “I NEED HELP!

  1. Number 1…it has better clarity then number 3, which was my second choice. Number 1 also shows background texture

  2. Jeebus, what are you doing, taking pictures of anthrax or something???

  3. Thanks Dazd that’s very helpful, unlike some other blogger’s comment….hmph

  4. I vote #1 also, too bad #3 isn’t clearer. Cool pics!

  5. Thanks for your help so far, I tried re-adjusting the size by guestimation when I loaded them on here the 1st time and I think it caused some issues with the pics. So I re-adjusted there size in a photo editor and reloaded. I think the images look clearer now.

  6. I think the one that looks like a cotton ball is the best^^

  7. Number one as well.

  8. definitely number one. The pubic hair on number two is distracting…

  9. Circabellum: LOL that’s very similar to what Jose said.

  10. Well I don’t know what you’re talking about, really, but I like #1 best!

  11. God, what is this about??? Well, if I shall choose…I choose no.1 … (It looks like a dildo with teats)

  12. LOL…Kirsten!

    I do artwork and I periodically enter art contest and the theme for the latest contest is Macro photography (close up images of bugs, flowers, etc.,). This isn’t my usual type of artwork so I’m having a hard time choosing one, that’s where you guys come in. Thanks for helping me. 😛

  13. I like number 2. Boobies with a string!

  14. I like number 1 also.

  15. Tony…Tony…Tony! :::shaking head::: 🙂

  16. Okay that was me that just posted and not emokat….she’s been signed in on my PC again and I didn’t notice.

  17. I like #1 best. I may need help myself, but #2 looks like multiple breasts. #3 is my second choice. Nice photos!

  18. I like #1 also, and Kristen’s teat comment had me laughin over here…

  19. I like #3 a lot because of the contrast of the white on the green. It’s very interesting to look at. But, #1 is more clear, and the light contrast is really good, bringing out the texture in the petal. Nice.

  20. I am partial to #3.

  21. Buon luogo, congratulazioni, il mio amico!

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