Ahh…Peace and Quiet!

This has been “Manic Monday”!  I woke up late and totally disoriented, had a migraine, & I didn’t get enough sleep. Then I had to rush around getting kids ready for school and to top it off they were grumpy and tired too. The whole time I was thinking…I’ll send them off and catch a nap before starting my housework. Well that plan was scrapped when Lil Jose reminded me it was a half day. Argh! So I’ve struggled through today without a nap and I’m totally dragging right now. Anyway as I was saying…what was saying….Oh yeah…finally peace and quiet, the kids are in bed! I think I’m rambling. I must be delirious.I’d better go before I make a fool of myself. Oh damn it! I forgot that my youngest sons tooth came out and the Fairy doesn’t have any bills, I wonder if he’ll take a credit card? Oh crap I’d better get my shoes on and head to the ATM…I know Jose won’t go, he’s in a Poker frenzy right now. Good night everyone.


11 responses to “Ahh…Peace and Quiet!

  1. Holy crap! That was me on Thursday… migraine, no sleep, pissed off kids, half day of school, parent teacher confrence, running errands and still nothing for my 6 year old’s tooth. I finally raided the wifes jewelry box and found an old lapel pin that looked like a birdhouse. She was happy with the toothfairy’s offering.

    I still didn’t get my damn nap.

  2. I’m always tired, my kids are crazy, my dogs want to kill each other and my birds can whistle like a siren. Oh yeah, and I have a 5 page report due, and an exam. ::sniff:: I need a stiff drink.

  3. There were days when the toothfairy forgot to come and right then and there, I wished she wasn’t politically correct. ohhh the guilt when you forget to ante up the $$!
    I hear ya on the nap thing, big time. I’m usually dragging in the afternoons.

  4. We’re in Savannah GA right now staying at a B & B built in 1800 and something. Napping is necessary on vacation, so…I’ve been doing a lot of it. You don’t fight on vacation either…which is nice. Ok, that was bull…you do fight!

  5. The tooth-fairy used to bring me Cin. Reds tickets…

  6. Once with my oldest son I forgot to…I mean the tooth fairy forgot to make the exchange. I had to explain to him that the tooth fairy must have had a busy night and didn’t get everyone and that we could try again the next night. He told me he felt sorry for the tooth fairy because she had too much work to do! LOL

  7. ROTFL – You blog people amaze me (Dazd, you, Ordinary Janet)… always putting into words the way I feel/have felt. couldn’t write my way out of a paper bag!! Sure is fun reading though.

    Thanks for the lift of my day!!

    Respect – DNR

  8. Your welcome DNR and thanks for stopping by & the kind words.

  9. Goldbloom, which one of your kids tried to use a puppy tooth under his pillow to trick the tooth fairy…was it Jose Jr.?

  10. Let me say that properly…a puppy tooth that he had found and then placed under his pillow.

  11. Yes it was Little Jose I think I’ll write about that today. LOL

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