Woo Hoo

Well after going 2 1/2 years without real vision insurance my husbands company has changed from their Vision discount plan to actual insurance. I haven’t had my vision checked or contacts/glass changed since my husband’s company changed to the discount plan because kids always came first and we went from paying 25.00/ea copay which included the exam & contacts/glasses,  to paying 150.00/ea OR MORE depending on what style + the 40.00 for the exam. I was totally pissed when this first happened…I hate it when companies make insurance changes that aren’t in the employees best interest. They must have gotten lots of complaints because they’ve changed back and I’m making my eye appointment….woohoo! I’m actually thinking of looking into Lasik surgery, this new insurance covers it….so maybe.

Then there is the down side of course….our medical insurance went up by 60.00 per month. Oh well…Have I said that I hate insurance companies?


8 responses to “Woo Hoo

  1. The surgery I had on my eyes a couple of years ago involved using some kind of vibrating device that disolved the natural lens and putting in artificial ones. The surgeon spent sevral hours with me and his machines measuring my eyes and he gave me a perfect fit in each eye..I had been wearing glasses since I was six years old..20/400 in one eye and 20/450 in the other..blind as a bat without the coke bottle think specs I wore.

    Now I have 20/20 in each eye without glasses although I do need them to read and work on the computer of course. My only regret is that I didn’t have it done when the procedure was first available to me.

  2. I’m definitely excited by the idea of having 20/20 vision! I’ve been wearing glasses/contact lenses since the forth grade and I’m getting tired of them.

  3. I have perfect vision in one eye and the other one doesn’t see far away very well, so I wear glasses. I could get surgery but… a) I hate even the thought of anyone near my eyeballs, and b) I like my glasses-they protect my eyes from splatters.

    MrsJose-do you know why Dazd disabled the comments on his blog??

  4. Insurance drives me nuts, pure scam. I went last year to have my eye’s checked after a similar period of neglect (kids, husband, dog all came first). Bi-focals! The wretched optomostrist actually tried to put me in BIFOCALS. Well, I’m really only near sighted so I wear glasses to drive and use them to keep my hair out of my eyes the rest of the time. Better luck to you on your visit to the eye doctor!

  5. Janet…Dazd must have accidentally turned the comments off and then realized it because they’re working now.

    Kat at my last appointment the optometrist said I would probably need bifocals on my next visit…that’s part of the reason I’m thinking about lasik.

  6. There are no-line bifocals now, my sister has them and you can’t tell, if that’s what bothers you. I considered getting them for myself, because it’s a pain to take my glasses off to read and put them back on to see the TV.

  7. My brother and my sister in law had Lasik surgery and both gave it a thumbs up. Good luck with your visit. The only reason I haven’t blogged about insurance companies (yet) is because I get so frusturated with them, I’m afraid I’ll throw the computer in the pool. So I’ve had to choose… ‘puter or blog about ins. companies.

    but someday… (when I need a new computer) I just MIGHT.

  8. I’m not really opposed to bifocals, but I definitely prefer contacts. My contacts are for my long distance vision and then I need the reading glasses to see things close up. I’m tired of the hassle so I would like to get the lasik, but I am a little squeemish about somebody messing around with my eyes. Laura I know what you mean about the insurance companies….grrrrrr!

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