Little Jose loses a Canine?

Dragon reminded me of a funny tooth fairy story involving Jose II. But first a little background on my oldest son. He has always been a problem solver, thinker, and he loves to find ways to make money. He doesn’t spend his money, he hordes it. The kid usually has more ready cash than anyone in the house…LOL This drive for money lead him to concoct a clever scheme to deceive the tooth fairy.

One morning I was in the kitchen making breakfast when JoseII came downstairs and was acting a little upset. When I asked him what was wrong he informed me that the tooth fairy didn’t come the night before. I was confused, he hadn’t lost any teeth so, I asked him why the tooth fairy should have visited. He told me that he HAD lost a tooth and he would get the tooth to prove it. He darted off upstairs to retrieve said tooth. When he came back he opened his hand up, but then shut it really quickly. I told him to give me the tooth and he did so reluctantly, and upon further inspection I discovered it was a puppy tooth. It was from one of the Labrador pups that we were fostering at the moment. I informed him that it was a puppy tooth and asked him what he was trying to pull. I gave him that “look me in the eye” look, that always gets to him. He couldn’t keep eye contact and eventually started laughing. He said he was trying to make some money and wanted to see if he could fool the tooth fairy. I told him that she was MUCH too smart for that and he would never pull it off. Then he told me he was going to give it one more shot and he put the tooth back under his pillow. Needless to say the tooth fairy didn’t visit him, and when he finally discovered the truth about the tooth fairy we had a good laugh over the whole thing.


9 responses to “Little Jose loses a Canine?

  1. That is funny!

    I had better watch my dogs carefuly and keep the pliers out of reach.

  2. I remember you telling me about it on the phone, I laughed my butt off. You have to give him an A for effort though.

  3. Enterprising young man, huh? I should have tried that…my mom and dad were pretty gullible!

  4. You guys don’t know the half of it…He definitely takes after Jose…heh.

  5. Hey, a tooth’s a tooth! Way to go, JoseII!

  6. What? What are you refering to? What “truth” about the tooth fairy? Did something happen? WHAT THE HELL IS THE MYSTERY?

  7. Hoosierboy, have a seat… Goldbloom wants to explain something to you. lol

  8. Do not laugh about the tooth fairy.

  9. Hoosier boy…the tooth fairy…oh damn it how do I put this…the tooth fairy…is a fairy! LOL

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