My Wild Wild Saturday

I can’t believe I missed a day of blogging, but you see I was extremely preoccupied with important matters of importance. Such as meandering around the house doing the ritualistic dance of the ancient wahboobie tribe. There’s nothing quite as exhilarating, unless of course you’re talking about the mating dance of the Mydingy tribe…Now that’s a dance! The village children were very restless today and required much of my attention, and a few times I even had to place curses upon them. I also had to head down to the local market to do the weekly bartering and trading for goods. There was much haggling to be done and squeezing of melons (for freshness you pervs). Whilst in the midst of my haggling frenzy I noticed that one of the local natives had set up a stand and was offering free samples of their offerings. I meandered (heh I like saying that word) towards the stand anticipating the delightful, taste of a freebie. To my dismay this sampling was not anything of sustenance, but instead a sampling of VITAMINS! Bah…how dare this evil witch doctor distract me from my bartering. I shouted a thousand curses on her and her snake oil then returned to my task.  Well after finishing up my haggling & bartering, and inquiring as to the freshness of the krispy kremes I started on the long journey home. So 3 minutes later I made it back to the homestead and after putting away the weekly supplies I started to meander around the house once again.


17 responses to “My Wild Wild Saturday

  1. Hehehe thats funny. How do you sample vitamins? “oh yeah those sure are some smooth pills”

    Mydinghy mating dance? I’m not sure If I want to see that one!

    I like to meander as well as traipse.

  2. I know the whole vitamin thing kind of caught me off guard. Yes traipsing is good too as well as frolicing, although frolicing should never under any circumstances be done by a man!

  3. But I like to frolic.

  4. Oh the shame fester, the shame. :::shaking head:::

  5. I didn’t know you were a frolic atheist!

    You should try it sometime; it’s very theraputic.

  6. Especially with leather.

  7. Sounds like a great Saturday…. completely understandable why you missed a blog!

  8. If you use the word “traipsing” it MUST be followed by “my happy ass”, it simply must be.

    For a minute I thought I had the wrong blog when I started reading your post. lol Your cheese has slid off the cracker Goldbloom. 🙂

  9. Fester…I am not a frolic athiest, but frolicing should be reserved for children and small animals. 😛

    Drags…My cheese is just fine thank you, although there are a few holes in it….hmmm…it must be swiss!

  10. I know only belly-dance from the tribe of King snufl

  11. Kirsten…I know that king! LOL

  12. You & my husband would get along famously; he’s the king of “meandering”, except in his world, it’s referred to as “puttering”. Either way, he needs a kick in the ass every so often.

  13. Mary and I just got back from vacation. Meander had a great time.

  14. LOL…Oh you’re just so witty. Glad you guys had a good time and made it back safely.

  15. Okay, it’s been hours and I just NOW got what Tony was saying. LOL

  16. Sounds like the type of days I have around here sometimes. Glad you made it back to the old homestead safely. Almost pictured you in a horse and buggy, the way this sounded,…lol.

  17. You are such a rebel….wilder than my Saturday, that’s for sure. LOL.

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