Hello Everyone

Once again I must apologize for the lack of posting. As I posted before Saturday was WILD…LOL Then on Sunday I had to get caught up with some work around the house, and last night Jose’s sister and her family arrived here from Alabama for a visit. They’re staying till Wednesday so my blogging may be light for a few more days. I just wanted to explain so y’all wouldn’t worry about me….You would worry about me….right? Not much else going on here other than the little one lost another tooth, that makes 2 in one week! It just doesn’t seem right all that expense for his dental work and they’re just going to fall out anyway. Oh well I’m not a dentist what do I know.  Some of you might have noticed that I didn’t post my search terms last Friday…well that’s because they sucked! Most of them were for “steve irwin” and the few others were stupid, So I decided not to post them. I’m going to leave you now with the following funnies…bye, bye…Enjoy!

When you know you must really be drunk

A man sat down at a bar, looked into his shirt pocket and ordered a double scotch.

A few minutes later, the man again peeked into his pocket and ordered another double. This routine was followed for some time, until after looking into his pocket, the man told the bartender he’d had enough.

The bartender said, “I’ve got to ask you. What’s with the pocket business?”

“Oh,” said the man, “I have my lawyer’s picture in here, and when he starts to look honest, I know I’ve had enough.”



9 responses to “Hello Everyone

  1. Take care and have a nice autumn week.

  2. That means the tooth fairy is visiting too.

  3. Ok, whenever someone mentions the Tooth Fairy, I channel Kirstie Alley from that Tooth Fairy movie….Kirstie in wings and a crown, scary stuff!

  4. Yes we worry when ya not around. Have a nice visit and enjoy the sub arctic weather coming thru. lol

  5. I could use some sub-arctic weather. It’s friggin’ 95 degrees and 80% humidity here in Central Florida.

  6. It was in the upper 70’s / lower 80’s here today and sunny. Perfect weather!

  7. Tony—feel lucky. They’re forecasing a rain/snow mix here tomorrow. That just SUCKS. So, think of me when you’re luxuriously sipping on your Mai Tai…LOL.

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  9. Hey Tony, how’s that whole link whore thing going, LOL???

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