Wayback When’sday

Okay first up is our parents (grandparents) they made such a dashing couple didn’t they. I’ve always loved this pic of them, because they looked so young, vibrant, and in love.


Next up is one of the loveliest pics (yeah right) of dragon and I. Didn’t we look so excited to be going to church on Easter Sunday in our little matching coats. I honestly can’t remember why we looked so gloomy, but it was probably the fact that they were dressing us alike again…we hated that.


Well that’s all I’ve got this week, but don’t forget to check back next week when I post nude photos of Dragon! 🙂


11 responses to “Wayback When’sday

  1. Nudes? of Drago? …good god, so much porn, so little time.

  2. ROFL…It looks like they just woke us up ten minutes before the picture was taken.

    Your nudie pics will obviously be fake. Dragons never take off their skin. 🙂

  3. Can’t wait! Do you two still dress alike?

  4. My mom has an older picture of her and her sister in coats like that dressed up for Easter too. They look just as thrilled as you both do! 🙂

  5. Cute. I like the purses.

  6. I always despised picture time. I usually had the same look as you guys in the coat picture.

    Even for my graduation picture the photographer had to wave a stuffed bunny around
    screaming boobies and beer to get me to crack.

  7. Love the old photos and esp. the matching coats!

  8. Houseguests suck. Where’s the funny?

  9. What Tony said. I need my MRS JGB fix.

  10. Nice photoes. . . Whe is next week??? Let me check my ajenda. . . Oh yeah, now I remember. . .

  11. Is that a threat?

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