‘IL Kim raps it up!

Since one of my regular readers is a fan of my ‘il Kim character I’m dedicating this post to him… Tony this Kim’s for you! LoL


Oh my big bomb bwing all da boys to da yawd..haha it bettew dan yaws…damn wight it betta dan yaws


Dah dah…dah dah dah dah dah…dah dah dah dah!


I know yew want it…yew want my bomb. It go boom all night wong! I gonna show yew , da wurld will see my big bomb it make histowy.


Dah dah…dah dah dah dah dah…dah dah dah dah!


Is it hot in here or is it just me?


I will demonstwate my big bomb fow da wold to see & eef yew dont wike it you can …………..





11 responses to “‘IL Kim raps it up!

  1. hahahaha! You’re a sick twised woman Goldbloom.

  2. Goldbloom…I knew the ol’ “Good things come to those who wait” saying would come in handy. You should write an entire book on Lil Kim. You friggin’ crack me up!

  3. You guys instigate me you know that don’t ya?

  4. Hey, you are calling me…right? wench!

  5. Yes, I laughed out loud!! WEAWY HUMOWOUS!!

  6. Bwahahahah!!! Pure genius!

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  8. He wuv you wong time.

  9. LOL! Hope you have some more in mind!

  10. Yes, I agree, you are sick and twisted, but we like it that way! LMFAO!

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