Wayback When’sday

Here are some pics of me and dragon at Christmas time, and from the looks on our faces it must have been a good year. Actually we always had a wonderful Christmas & of course the big family dinner on Christmas day. I miss those big dinners! By the way…Can you tell who is who?




10 responses to “Wayback When’sday

  1. Jeebus…I look like one of those old photographs taken of a serial killer victim. lolol

  2. More Chocolate Ovaltine Please!

  3. mmmmm…chocolate

  4. Calm down Drago…I can see the ring forming now! LOL

  5. I guessed you were the one on the bottom, even before the helpful little info bit appeared when I dragged my cursor over them. Of course you’d be the cute one! 😉

  6. I guess that the top one is Dragon, bottom one is MRS JGB….you guys haven’t changed much! Crack me up.

  7. I just love the face dragon is making…she still makes that face when she’s opening presents. LOL

  8. Drago has a great expression, but you have that “what’s that sound” face a dog makes!

  9. Actually Tony I probably opened something I didn’t like and was trying to pretend to be happy. LOL

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