Where in the world is MrsJoseGoldbloom?

I know I haven’t been writing much lately, and that sucks because I truly enjoy writing things that entertain you guys. I also enjoy sharing my thoughts and feeling with y’all. I can’t go into details, but MrsJG is under a lot of stress at the moment, and has a lot on her mind. I’m hoping that soon I’ll be back to writing that witty stuff that keeps you coming back, and hopefully brings a little bit of joy into your days. I promise this isn’t a permanent thing and I will be back at it before you know it….I wouldn’t abandon you guys like that.


9 responses to “Where in the world is MrsJoseGoldbloom?

  1. So uhhh…how was day 2? Much swearing and smoking of cigarettes?

  2. Wine, I’ve found, is great for curing what ails you. When you feel really inundated, drink more.

    Michelle suggested on my blog that we write a ‘il Kim book. You up fer it?

  3. Hang in there MrsJG. Hope it gets better soon.

  4. So Goldbloom…do I need to take someone out back so Guido and I can rough them up a bit?? lol

  5. Hope things get better for you soon!

  6. Hey MRS JGB—hope things get less stressful for you and hope it helps to know that your readers are sending good vibes your way. It sucks to be stressed out. That is probably what will be the undoing for most of us.

  7. P.S. I think we should all start referring to you as “Waldo” if you don’t come back soon. LOL.

  8. Where in the World is Carmen San JoseGoldbloom? heh

    Hurry back cos that makes 2 of us down. Writers block sucks…

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