‘IL Kim’s hair rugs for men!


I use be wewy unhappy, den I become pwesident of norf kowea…I mean haiw wugs foe da men. You like it…You buy…it weally cheap foe you. You get awl da hot chicks, day wuv you wong time! So what you waiteen foe, cawl now and get 2 foe 1 speciawl!!!


15 responses to “‘IL Kim’s hair rugs for men!

  1. I fink I need fewapy after dis powst.

  2. He looks like ” The bellers from Notre Dam” . . .Geez. . . I don’t know the title of that film in English . . . Do you know what fim I mean???

  3. Kirsten, it’s the “Hunchback from Notre Dame.”

    Goldbloom, that’s hilarious. Did you see my new photoshop on my sidebar?

    I’m going to compile all of our il Kim stuff and put it on one page.

  4. I like the Elvis wig better!

  5. He looks like a chipmunk on crack.

  6. I’m waiting for you and Tony to write the book, so I can stand in line and you both can sign up. Seriously, you’ve outdone yourself with this one!

  7. I keep coming back…this is friggin’ hilarious.

  8. Tony putting all our ‘Il kim stuff on one page is a great idea…I can’t wait to see it.

    Michelle…we could have a contest amongst our readers to help us name the book.

  9. it’s up! check it out on the header of my page at blah blah blog

  10. Tony that’s totally cool!

  11. How about “Feawess Weader” for the title?

  12. OMG, Charlene that’s great! I vote for that.

  13. Hows about, “Just a Little Prick”?

  14. That would be “Just a Wittow Pwick”.

  15. Oh the possibilities…LOL

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